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    Canada: A Valued Partner in Need of Reassurance

    Tomorrow President Barack Obama will travel and make the traditional first foreign trip of American Presidents as he visits our “Neighbor to the North” – Canada and its leader Prime Minister Stephan Harper.  Heritage Scholars James M. Roberts and Ray Walser, Ph. D explain why this trip is so vital … More

    'Data' on Recovery.gov is Completely Made Up

    One of the stated missions of the Obama Administration’s new Recovery.gov website is to: “Provide data that will allow citizens to evaluate the Act’s progress and provide feedback.” Just how accurate is the ‘data’ on this taxpayer funded website? We got a glimpse last week when Politico reported that the … More

    "Large Pile of Money" Attracts Waste

    The more we learn what is buried in the 1400+ pages of the economic stimulus bill, the more we’re sure it will fail. The latest boondoggle: broadband. The Los Angeles Times reports: [I]nsiders said some of the compromises forged by House and Senate negotiators could lead to problems in how … More

    The Global Government Debt Bubble: Ireland Edition

    Last month Heritage fellow J.D. foster wrote: The global recession has caused deficits to balloon almost everywhere, and governments worldwide are considering their own massive programs to stimulate their economies. So the United States will be offering this great wave of federal debt to the credit markets while most other … More

    Morning Bell: The Largest Wasted Tax Cut in History

    Apparently the Obama Administration is not happy about how a major portion of their economic stimulus package is being covered. The Atlantic reports that the White House has been pointing out to journalists that President Barack Obama signed “one of the largest tax cuts in history.” But just because the … More

    California Just One State Facing Budget Disaster

    Washington – The Tax Foundation’s Josh Barro and Joseph Henchman provided sobering analysis of state budget woes across America today at the Conservative Bloggers’ Briefing held at the Heritage Foundation. In a newly released report detailing the spending practices and tactics of all 50 states, Joseph Henchman, Director of State … More

    $116 Billion in Wasted Temporary Tax Cuts

    The Wall Street Journal reports today: The Obama administration is betting that an extra $8 a week in most Americans’ paychecks will boost consumer spending and help pull the U.S. out of its downturn. … The $116 billion in tax credits for 95% of Americans will come largely through reduced … More

    Moody’s Warns Again: “This Triple Rating isn't Assured Forever”

    The “Economic Stimulus” bill, expected to be signed by President Obama today, will have yet another frightening long-term consequence. A report, issued by Moody’s Investors Service, said the increase in debt could have a negative impact on the country’s triple-A credit rating. An understatement to be sure. Steven Hess, a … More

    And So It Begins

    Latin American exporting powerhouse Brazil, one of the highly-touted “BRIC” nations, has indicted they will not wait for the ink to dry on President Obama’s signature of the trillion dollar debt plan before they challenge the controversial “Buy American” provisions within the bill to the World Trade Organization. Brazil may … More

    NEPA Amendment Gutted: Another Reason Stimulus Will Fail

    Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) sponsored an amendment last week that would have exempted any project funded by the stimulus plan from costly, and mandatory National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) reviews. The amendment would have allowed any project whose NEPA review takes longer than 270 days to be exempt from the … More