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    On Einstein, Swine Flu, and Corruption

    It’s said that Albert Einstein once defined insanity as repeating a given course of action and expecting different results. With the return of a large number of Mexican congressional seats to the former ruling party, the PRI, it would appear that Mexico’s citizens have (by Einstein’s standards) gone insane. Drug … More

    Is Sotomayor Neutral?

    Senator John Cornyn asked Judge Sotomayor to comment on a less famous yet still controversial statement that she made in her now infamous Wise Latina speech, in which she stated that there is no “objective stance” or “neutrality” in judging. Her explanation failed the most fundamental of Senate hearing tests—the … More

    Audio: DeMint, Meese Townhall on Sotomayor Hearings


    Sotomayor and the Sordid Business of Race

    The Republican senators questioning Sonia Sotomayor about her decision in the Ricci v. New Haven case have done a fair job detailing the legal issues. But no one has gone into the details of what really happened in that case, or the fact that by ruling as she did, Sotomayor … More

    Sotomayor Day 3: A Series of Sneaks

    Again, we present a quick wrap up of the day’s events. Perhaps the most significant nomination-related news didn’t come from the hearings but from the pages of the Washington Times. In an op-ed this morning, Wayne LaPierre of the NRA let loose on Judge Sotomayor’s anti-gun bias. She and colleagues … More

    Sotomayor Quote of the Day

    Yes, it’s early in the day, but this one is a winner. Sotomayor, responding to Senator Coburn, on the use of foreign law: “There’s a public misunderstanding of the word ‘use.’” Positively Clintonian. Update: Another candidate for Quote of the Day: Sotomayor, responding to Senator Coburn’s question as to whether … More

    How Ricci Was Buried

    In response to questioning by Senator Cornyn, Judge Sotomayor explained that, “When parties are dissatisfied, they file for rehearing en banc“–that is, a new hearing before all the judges on the Circuit. She continued: “That’s what happened in Ricci,” the case challenging New Haven’s discrimination against white and Hispanic firefighters. … More

    Will the Real Sonia Sotomayor Please Stand Up?

    The reviews of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s testimony are coming in… and they are not good. The Washington Post’s Eva Rodrigues, who initially supported Sotomayor, wrote:  “I’m surprised and disturbed by how many times today Sonia Sotomayor has backed off of or provided less-than-convincing explanations for some of her … More

    Day Two: Balls, Strikes, and Errors

    This post contains some quick takes and many quotations from the first real day of the hearings. Let’s begin with the bottom line: Judge Sonia Sotomayor did not impress, but it probably does not matter. Her goal today was to avoid slipping and saying something that could get her into … More

    The Next Cardozo? Let's Hope Not

    Judge Sonia Sotomayor announced today her admiration for Justice Benjamin Cardozo, who served for 6 years on the Supreme Court after nearly 30 on the New York Court of Appeals. Let’s hope she misspoke, as she has admitted to doing frequently in her speeches and written remarks. Cardozo, she said, … More