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    Adult Time for Adult Crime: Sentencing Under Siege

    This report was undertaken in response to litigation and legislation against the use of life-without-parole sentences for juvenile offenders. Following several challenges in state supreme courts, interest in the issue has only grown since the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear two cases challenging life-without-parole-sentences for juvenile offenders on Eighth … More

    New Fall Foundry Series: Adult Time for Adult Crimes

    On November 9th, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments challenging the constitutionality of juvenile life without parole (JLWOP) sentences. In preparation for oral arguments, JLWOP: Faces & Cases will be an on-going series on The Foundry that will tell real stories about juvenile offenders who are currently serving … More

    What Next? They Are Not Felons, They Are 'Impacted Persons'

    If you are up to date on your PC lingo, you already know that Columbus Day is imperialist and racist and that we should all be celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day instead. Now the left has come up with a new PC name for felons too. Next Tuesday, the Justice Roundtable … More

    Outside the Beltway: Illegal Adventures in Babysitting

    The Associated Press reported on Tuesdayon a letter the Michigan Department of Human Services sent to suburban mom Lisa Snyder, warning her to stop watching her neighbors’ children while they waited in the mornings for the school bus. Apparently Snyder was kind enough to do this as a favor for … More

    "A Failure of Leadership" in Confronting Terrorism

    Brookings Institution senior fellow Benjamin Wittes writes in today’s Washington Post: President Obama’s decision not to go to Congress for help in establishing reasonable standards for the continued detention of Guantanamo detainees is a failure of leadership in the project of putting American law on a sound basis for a … More

    Politicizing National Security

    The embarrassing revelation in a recent Washington Post story that Attorney General Eric Holder “did not read detailed memos that prosecutors drafted and placed in files to explain their decision to decline prosecution” of CIA interrogators is just another example of a seriously flawed decision-making process in the Obama Justice … More

    Crime and Recession: More Clues

    Violent crime fell in America last year, the first full year of the recession, according to new data from the FBI. Auto theft and other property crime also was down despite the recession, although burglary was up. In general, the social science literature has indicated a correlation between unemployment rates … More

    In the Green Room: Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS)

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esQTK-oSZXw[/youtube] In 2004 Governor Barbour passed comprehensive tort reform legislation in Mississippi. The state’s notorious reputation for “jackpot justice” has never recovered. In a recent op-ed Barbour wrote: The number of medical liability lawsuits against Mississippi doctors fell almost ninety percent one year after tort reform went into effect. Doctors … More

    Dear Obama: Rein In Holder

    A bipartisan team of seven former directors of the Central Intelligence Agency wrote a letter to President Obama today urging him to exercise his constitutional authority over Attorney General Eric Holder reverse the re-opening of criminal investigations into the CIA’s treatment of detainees following the attacks of September 11. The … More

    Investigating the Black Panther Case

    The Washington Times is reporting that the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) at the Department of Justice has opened an investigation into the dismissal of the voter-intimidation case against the New Black Panther party. Republican congressmen Lamar Smith and Frank Wolf, who have been doggedly pursuing the Civil Rights Division … More