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  • First Principles

    The future of liberty depends on reclaiming America’s first principles.

    Did America Have a Christian Founding?

    Few historical questions generate as much controversy as this one—and do so on such a regular basis. Every few months or so, following some public pronouncement on America’s Christian roots or some court ruling pertaining to the First Amendment, the nation is subjected to a heated, but essentially sterile, debate … More

    Flag Day 2011: It's A Flag Worth Flying

    A few weeks ago at Louisiana State University, a small group of agitated students attempted to burn a U.S. flag in protest for some policy or other that they believed warranted the symbolic destruction of their country. Before they could get going, however, the protest was interrupted by other students … More

    The Founders on a Standing Navy: American Military Action Abroad (1783-1860)

    In 1794, President George Washington requested and Congress authorized the building of six frigates, a type of warship widely used at the time. The presence of a standing U.S. Navy was deemed necessary in order to defend American citizens and commerce from European wars and the Barbary Coast pirates. By … More

    Beyond the American Dream: Those Amazing Americans!

    “That core idea of America—that if you work hard, if you do right, if you’re responsible, that you can lead a better life and most importantly pass on a better life to your kids—that American Dream feels like it’s getting further and further out of reach.” Who said this last … More

    Dude, Like, What’s the Constitution, Anyway?

    A third of graduated and rising high school seniors – who will be voting in the 2012 elections – have never studied the U.S. Constitution. A recent study by the National Assessment for Educational Progress reported that only 67% of all high school students have spent any time studying the … More

    A Tea Party Foreign Policy?

    The Tea Party has had an extraordinary effect on American domestic policy. They have raised interest in policy debates, rallied public opinion, and given it a voice on various spending and constitutional issues. On foreign policy, though, the Tea Party has been largely silent. But with the United States currently … More

    Rep. Paul Ryan: America Exceptional at Home and Abroad

    Paul Ryan (R-WI), the champion of necessary but unpopular fiscal reform, spoke this month about America’s exceptional political ideas and how they should be reflected in our foreign policy. In so doing he rejected isolationism and reinforced the Founders’ commitment to making America an indispensable nation for the cause of … More

    Today in History: The Call For Independence

    On June 7, 1776, Richard Henry Lee, a delegate from Virginia, stood in front of the Second Continental Congress and committed treason by proposing a resolution to declare that “these United States are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States, that they are absolved from all allegiance … More

    Memorial Day's True Meaning: Q&A with Dr. Matthew Spalding

    What does Memorial Day really mean? In a special Memorial Day podcast, The Heritage Foundation’s vice president of American Studies, Dr. Matthew Spalding, discusses the historical roots of this day. And below, we share with you a Q&A with Dr. Spalding in which he discusses that history, how Memorial Day … More

    PODCAST: The History of Memorial Day

    Today we celebrate Memorial Day, and in a special Heritage in Focus podcast, The Heritage Foundation’s vice president of American Studies, Matt Spalding, fills us in on the history and importance of this day. “If you want to get a sense of what Memorial Day is, the great poet is … More