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  • Energy

    From Bad to Worse

    When the National Governors Association meets in Washington this weekend their top concern will be the price of gasoline which has reached $4.14 per gallon in Hawaii and $3.80 in California. Their concern is echoed by voters, a majority of which cite fuel prices as their #1 economic worry for … More

    Let Congress Lead on Carbon

    Contrary to popular belief, the Supreme Court’s 5 to 4 decision in Massachusetts v. EPA did not require the EPA to issue rules regulating the emission of carbon dioxide. Instead it instructed the agency to ground its reason for action or inaction within the statutory requirements of the Clean Air … More

    So Are Biofuel Assets Subprime, or Not?

    Al Gore has warned a group of leading investment managers at a UN-sponsored conference to cleanse their portfolios of “subprime carbon assets.” In Gore’s mind, businesses that rely on carbon-intensive energy are bad investments — or should be, and Wall Street should see them as riskier than “clean energy” companies … More

    Not in My Town

    In Tuesday’s episode of “Boston Legal,” a judge ruled in favor of a citizen suing her town for attempting to build a nuclear power plant. The lawyer used the same anti-nuclear rhetoric that has been used for years, claiming that cancer was prevalent near Three Mile Island, that radiation caused … More

    How the Smart Growth Movement Is Creating a Nation of Serfs

    A new study by University of Washington economics professor Theo Eicher finds middle-class families are being priced out of the Seattle real estate market due to land-use regulations that drive up home prices by more than $200,000 per home. Eicher identifies Washington’s smart-growth-movement-inspired Growth Management Act as one of the … More

    Why Do Democrats Hate the Polar Bears?

    One of the latest environmentalist attempts to do an end run around the legislative process on global warming is to try and get the polar bear listed as an endangered species due to habitat destruction from global warming. The bears would be the first species listed as threatened with extinction … More

    Carbon Trading Is an Invitation to Fraud

    The Heritage Foundation has many able analysts who have done great work on energy and the environment. But since the absolute farce that is the cap-and-trade “solution” to global warming is now the preferred plan of all three major presidential candidates, the need to highlight succinct analysis from others has … More

    Conservationists Are Only Tilting at Windmills

    A Barton, Md., reader of the Cumberland Times pierces through the doublespeak of environmental groups that advocate conservation as the key to avoiding imminent power shortages in the region. Responding to power company admonitions that the public needs to conserve more, he writes: Lady, I’m retired, on Social Security, over … More

    Another Bad Response to High Gas Prices

    Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) has joined six of his Senate colleagues (Jeff Bingaman, Carl Levin, John Kerry, Susan Collins, Joe Lieberman and Ron Wyden) in introducing a bill “to increase the supply and lower the cost of petroleum by temporarily suspending the acquisition of petroleum for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.” … More

    A Real Solution to Our Economy's Woes

    The federal government is doing all it can to revive the economy and prevent the United States from dipping into a recession. Most notable is the stimulus package focused on tax rebates which, in effect, won’t actually stimulate the economy. As Roy Innis, chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality, … More