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    The Debate Isn't Over

    The Heritage Foundation’s Mark Kelly checks in from The Heartland Institute’s International Conference on Climate Change in New York City. Themes from the first two sessions include: Bias: There is a demonstrated bias toward finding warming in the data collection of temperature. This data is then fed into sympathetic scientific … More

    Do Not Cast That Die

    According to InsideEPA (subscription required) EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson appears to be listening to reason on EPA’s possible release of an endangerment finding on CO2. Johnson told a House Appropriations subcommittee Tuesday that the agency is “taking a step back” to analyze how finding CO2 to be a pollutant under … More

    Protectionist Pandering Threatens to Raise Gas Prices

    Promises by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to threaten Canada with unilateral rescission of NAFTA are not going over well up north. During the Democratic debate Tuesday night Hillary Clinton said she would tell Canada and Mexico: “We will opt out of NAFTA unless we renegotiate it and we renegotiate … More

    House Rewards Chavez For Not Producing Oil

    We know liberals in Congress are sympathetic to Hugo Chavez leftist agenda, but cutting him a tax break is a little over the line. Yesterday, the House passed an energy bill that raised taxes on American oil and gas companies. Notice the emphasis on ‘American.’ What should surprise everyone is … More

    Morning Bell: Less Government, More Trade Is Best Stimulus

    The checks from the first stimulus package have not even been mailed yet and already the Senate is contemplating another $75 to $95 billion deficit spending spree. This time they want to give away more federal dollars in jobless benefits, food stamps, heating bills, and new infrastructure. Before Congress breaks … More

    Nuclear Safety Proven Again in Florida Outage

    A disturbance on Florida’s power grid caused two nuclear power reactors at the Turkey Point power station to undergo an unscheduled shut down today. Up to six other non-nuclear power plants were shut down as well. Despite the failure having nothing to do with any malfunctions at any of Florida’s … More

    Now That Congress Is Back From Vacation...

    As lawmakers return from a week-long vacation, here’s a preview of the week ahead in Washington. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIV4GwclIn0[/youtube] Now that Communist dictator Fidel Castro has departed as leader of Cuba after 49 years of uninterrupted tyrannical rule, conservatives want to see policies out of the U.S. government that promote freedom for … More

    How Congress Can Save the Construction Sector

    The biggest danger to the U.S. construction sector is not the sub-prime mortgage crisis … it is the chance that this Administration, or the next, will regulate CO2 under the Clean Air Act (CAA). As The Heartland Institute notes, once CO2 is deemed “regulated” under the CAA, no new or … More

    The Rail Line To Nowhere

    The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority plan to extend Metrorail 11.6 miles to Dulles International Airport has enjoyed support from the Congressional leaders in both parties, the Governor of Virginia and the local business community. With all this political muscle, however, the plan is now on life support after the Federal … More

    Facts, Safety, and Three Mile Island

    Despite 104 nuclear reactors safely providing 20 percent of America’s electricity, many Americans continue to fear nuclear power. Much of this anxiety results from myths surrounding the 1979 incident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power station. To help educate policy makers about the realities of nuclear power, The Heritage … More