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    Corporations of the World Unite!

    So the Big Three automakers returned to Washington yesterday, this time with slightly more specific plans on how they plan to spend taxpayer money to fix their faltering businesses. But it turns out that not all three of the automakers are really even asking for cash right now: While GM … More

    Saving Detroit

    June 4, 2008, must seem like light years ago for Detroit. On that Wednesday night, the Detroit Red Wings hoisted Lord Stanley’s Cup in Hockeytown, U.S.A. Since then, it’s been nothing but the doldrums. The Detroit Lions have managed to lose every single football game in the 2008 season and … More

    Cars Will be Made in the U.S.

    The Wall Street Journal ran a great article on those ‘other’ car manufacturers we have in the U.S. The takeaway: These are the 12 “foreign,” or so-called transplant, producers making cars across America’s South and Midwest. Toyota, BMW, Kia and others now make 54% of the cars Americans buy. The … More

    The Bailout Mentality Ends Here

    It’s bad enough that there are already legions of lobbyists lining up in Washington for their slice of the upcoming $700 billion-plus pie. But when our nation’s local government leaders join the bailout parade, you know our nation’s sense of personal responsibility has significantly deteriorated. Earlier this week the U.S. … More

    Oh Yes They Did

    Big labor apologist EJ Dionne Jr. asserts in the Washington Post today: The failure of the Big Three is regularly attributed to the high wages and benefits earned by members of the United Auto Workers union, and it’s true that the Detroit-based auto companies operate under heavy “legacy costs” for … More

    Auto Bailout Not Inevitable?

    President-elect Barack Obama signaled last week that even if Congress does not bailout Detroit’s Big Three this month, he will push for federal help once he is sworn in. But it appears that at least some Democrats on Capitol Hill are warming to the idea of a much needed bankruptcy … More

    The Bailout Parade: Sock Puppet Edition

    Great little spoof of the auto bailout hearings from the guys over at Reason.tv. It would be funnier if it wasn’t so true: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRVRTTMwhK8&eurl=http://reason.tv/video/show/614.html&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]

    SNL Does Auto Bailout Right

    SNL hit a homerun with their opening skit this weekend hitting Congress and the Big Three on the inevitable auto bailout. The best exchange is between Fred Armisen (as Barney Frank) and Will Forte (as GM CEO Chuck Wagoner): Frank: Uh, Mr. Wagoner as I look over your proposal it … More

    The Worst of the Old New Deal Still Part of New New Deal

    According to The Center for American Progress, pointing out that much of FDR’s New Deal only prolonged the Great Depression is just a “favored pasttime of activists on the radical right.” Well someone might want to tell George Mason University economics professor Tyler Cowen that he’s now officially part of … More

    Corporate Progressivism Sets its Sites on the South

    A major reason the Big Three auto makers can’t turn a profit as they are currently organized is due to the generous union contracts they signed years ago. As you can see below, the Big Three are paying about $25 more per hour than their domestic competitors: So what happens … More