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    Whither Cost-Benefit Analysis?

    When the Obama Administration appointed Harvard University law professor Cass Sunstein to be the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Administrator, many were hopeful that choice signaled the White House would have a “commitment to cost-benefit analysis in regulation.” Unfortunately Obama Administration actions since the Sunstein appointment have shown anything … More

    Who Will Obama Plan Help? Even the White House Has No Idea

    The Obama Administration may have already announced their $275 billion mortgage bailout plan, but that doesn’t mean they have any clue as to how it will actually work. The Washington Post reports: The administration is developing a standard for lenders to use in evaluating applicants that seeks to exclude homeowners … More

    Big Labor to Target Workers at Home

    Townhall‘s Amanda Carpenter has obtained a United Food and Commercial Workers International Union that should send shiver’s down every worker’s spine: “You’ll probe and start organizing campaigns, develop worker committees and conduct house calls to workers,” it says. House calls to workers? Notice it doesn’t say “to members.” It says … More

    Morning Bell: The Chicago Tea Party

    The nation’s outrage over the never ending Bush-Obama Bailout Parade is heating up fast. This week alone we’ve seen grassroots rallies in Seattle, Denver, Mesa, and Kansas. Then yesterday, CNBC editor Rick Santelli set off a virtual firestorm when his passionate critique of President Barack Obama’s mortgage bailout plan inspired … More

    The Real "Ever-Expanding" Threat to Fiscal Sanity

    Congressman Barney Frank met with reporters recently to further voice support for the $700 Billion TARP allocation while concurrently hinting at the need for defense cuts. In his statement, the Congressman said, “The biggest ongoing threat, I believe, to fiscal sanity in this country is an open-ended ever-expanding military budget.” … More

    Does Obama Oppose the Fairness Doctrine?

    If so, give credit where credit is due. White House spokesman Ben LaBolt told FOXNews.com, As the president stated during the campaign, he does not believe the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated.” The full story is here. For very good analysis of The Fairness Doctrine, see here and here.

    Shocking: Americans Oppose Giving More Money to Detroit

    They didn’t support it the first time around and nothing has been done to indicate to Americans that change and sustainability are on the horizon. The Detroit Free Press reports, A new survey shows that 64% of likely voters are opposed to the federal government loaning General Motors Corp. and … More

    GM Bailout Demands Grow $12 Billion in 2 Months

    An hour later than promised, General Motors submitted a restructuring plan to the Treasury calling for an additional $17 billion in government funds, on top of the $13.4 billion promised by the Bush Administration less than 2 months ago. Today’s request, if granted, would be $12.4 billion more than the … More

    Chrysler Bailout Demands Growing a Billion a Month

    We don’t have the plan, yet, but we already know the bottom line: $5 billion. That’s how much money private-equity-owned Chrysler LLC wants from federal taxpayers to finance its “turnaround plan” submitted to the Treasury at 5 pm today. Chrysler’s previous turnaround plan, released less than 2 months ago, indicated … More

    Congress Bans Pay for Performance

    A small provision slipped into the stimulus (PDF) by Sen. Chris Dodd is making big waves in the banking and finance industries. The last-minute addition to the bill, which pretty much no one noticed until after the legislation passed both chambers, places sharp limits on bonuses available to top executives … More