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    5 Things to Know About Obama’s Budget

    The President’s Budget — 212 pages long — included a wide range of proposals and Heritage experts shed light on a number of these in a Live Analysis yesterday. Here are five things you should know about the President’s budget: Higher Spending and No Balanced Budget—Ever. President Obama’s budget would … More

    Social Security Disability Insurance Program Requires Immediate Reform

    The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) trust fund is projected to run dry in just two years. Absent legislation to address the disability program’s impending insolvency, benefits for all disability recipients will be cut by 21 percent beginning in 2016. For short-sighted policymakers, redirecting funds from the Old Age Social … More

    Senate Blocks Obama Nominee for Justice Post Over Ties to Cop Killer

    Senate Republicans today attracted enough Democrats to reject President Obama’s nominee for a top Justice Department post, after an emotional debate over the lawyer’s role in championing the notorious killer of a Philadelphia police officer. Under new Senate rules, the Obama Administration needed 51 votes to secure the nomination of … More

    Revenue from GSEs Continuing to Distract from Housing Finance Reform

    Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae—the two government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs)—are back in the news again, this time because they appear to be helping taxpayers by reducing the deficit. The latest reports predict that Freddie Mac, one of the housing GSEs, will send “$10.4 billion to the Treasury Department next month, bringing … More

    WATCH: Lerner Takes Fifth In Response to Questions About IRS Scandal

    Former IRS official Lois Lerner once again refused to testify today before the House Oversight  and Government Reform Committee. Lerner is among the employees potentially involved in the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups seeking non-profit status. “On the advice of my counsel, I respectfully exercise my Fifth Amendment right and … More

    Federal Government Refuses to Enforce Immigration Law on the Southwest Border

    The Arizona Daily Star reports that less than half the people picked up by an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer and suspected to be in the country illegally are taken into custody by federal immigration officials or jailed. Despite the best efforts of state and local law enforcement officials … More

    Congress to Mega Banks: It Was All Your Fault—Pay No Attention to the GSEs

    Last week, Chairman Dave Camp (R–MI) outlined a new reform proposal that included a punitive tax on some of the largest banks in the U.S. The Chairman should be commended for tackling the complex issue of reforming our tax system, but it’s not at all clear what imposing an arbitrary … More

    Why Obama's Budget Should Be Dead On Arrival

    Barack Obama keeps saying that there isn’t a government program for every problem, but his new near-$4 trillion 2015 budget suggests just the opposite. There is more federal money here for everything from changing the planet’s temperature to green energy to transit systems to nowhere to expanded welfare state programs … More

    Congress Is Actually Debating Subsidies For Beachfront Villas

    Compared to, say, the nation’s $17 trillion debt or government’s hijacking of the health care system, the vast majority of us don’t care all that much about politicians fighting over flood insurance. But the dispute is actually one of principle: Is there any entitlement demand that we will refuse in … More

    Eight Out of Ten Americans Want President, Congress to Address National Debt

    A February poll conducted by the Peterson Foundation found that the nation’s fiscal confidence remains solidly negative, a result of “unaddressed long-term fiscal challenges [that] remain a serious concern for Americans.” Indeed, a whopping 82 percent of American voters believe that the President and Congress should devote more time to … More