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  • Why Russia Doesn't Care About Copenhagen

    MOSCOW – The rest of the world’s passions may be boiling over in Copenhagen this week, but Russia is paying no attention. There is an impression that the government and public opinion – quite in the classical liberal laissez faire spirit – share the conclusion that global warming has a … More

    What Obama Gets for Scrapping Missile Defenses in Europe

    MOSCOW – The Kremlin perceives the Obama Administration’s decision to scrap the third site anti-missile system in Poland and the Czech Republic as a radical review of the US global leadership policy and a serious concession to Russia. At the same time, the Kremlin does not think it necessary to … More

    Medvedev Essay Misfires

    MOSCOW – Last week a number of Russian democratic-leaning online publications posted a Dmitry Medvedev  essay titled Forward, Russia! It is an unprecedented and open criticism of Russia’s backward economy, its humiliating raw material orientation, corruption and other woes. Medvedev also offered a critical analysis of the political factors that … More

    In Moscow, The Fix Is In

    MOSCOW – The upcoming October 11th Moscow city council elections go beyond routine local politics. They are turning into a primary of sorts for the balance of political forces nationwide. Moscow, the Russian Federation’s largest constituent territory and seat of the federal government, has also has accumulated about 85% of … More

    Russia-Belarus Relations Go Nowhere

    MOSCOW – Both Presidents arrived at their meeting armed with lists of unfulfilled promises. but the latest meeting between Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Belarussian leader Alexander Lukashenko yielded no tangible results. Economic factors prevail in Minsk’s complaints – Belarus has yet to receive the promised 2nd tranche of Russia’s … More

    Faking History Revisited

    MOSCOW – The Kremlin campaign against what they describe as falsifying history is in full force with the 70th anniversaries of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and the start of World War II this month. The Kremlin’s chief objective is to justify the signing of the 1939 Soviet-German nonaggression pact and to … More

    Strangled By Red Tape

    Under the excuse of fighting the economic crisis, the Russian government is stepping up regulation that could severely restrict business growth. Ostensibly to stem the tide of rising prices, the government has initiated a dramatic cap on grocery retail chains. The bill submitted to the State Duma bans chains with … More

    Russian Orthodox Church Moves Into Policy

    MOSCOW – Recently, the Russian Orthodox Church has been enhancing its clout in the nation’s politics. ROC officials have actively been offering comment on the executive’s various initiatives and are seeking to gain a higher profile in public policies. The ROC has been most vocal over the introduction of sexual … More

    Kremlin in Preparation for Obama-Medvedev Summit

    Moscow’s recent diplomatic demarches manifest the Kremlin’s drive to solidify its positions ahead of meeting with President Obama. Therefore, the Kremlin is trying to give the appearance of concessions on the issues that have long been a matter of concern for the American side. For example, on President Medvedev’s order, … More

    Russia Market Economy Short Lived?

    The past week saw an extraordinary event in the Russian economy. Prime Minister Putin and other Cabinet Ministers made a surprise visit to one of Moscow’s supermarkets and personally regulated the price rates. Putin discovered that the trade margin on an array of foodstuffs in Perekryostok supermarket is significantly higher … More