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  • Firsthand Account of Palestinian Attack on Tel Aviv, Israel

    I am an American Master of Arts (MA) student living in Israel. Appropriately enough, I am studying for an MA in Middle Eastern Studies, and, a month ago, I received an education that can’t be taught in the classroom. For one week, I shared an experience that makes up a … More

    Perilous Times for Israel and U.S. in Defense

    Last week was a dubious one for the world’s most advanced militaries. In the U.S., Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testified before the House Armed Service Committee on October 13, saying that any further cuts to defense will hollow out the force and risk national security. Meanwhile, in Israel, Defense Minister … More

    Palestinian Statehood Bid Shows Results of Obama's Peacemaking

    As President Mahmoud Abbas presented his bid for a Palestinian state after his address to the U.N. General Assembly last Friday, members of the Palestinian Authority warned that “US President Barack Obama will be held responsible for the failure of the Middle East peace process.” Of the 15 member states … More