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  • Tankosphere Today: Sept. 8, 2008

    That Windfall Tax and Fuel Poverty – Adam Smith Institute The Compass folks are really rather upset that even Gordon Brown ( yes, even!) has realised that a windfall tax on the energy companies isn’t a good idea as this this little article shows. But we’ll leave them weeping their … More

    Tankosphere Today: Sept 5, 2008

    EnergyTomorrow Radio – Got Shale? Jane Van Ryan talks with Tony Dammer from the U.S. Department of Energy about America’s oil shale deposits… Time to Celebrate the Constitution – InsiderOnline Constitution Day is coming up—September 17. A good way to celebrate is to learn a little bit more about the … More

    Tankosphere Today: Sept. 4, 2008

    Education Tax Credits: Most Popular Choice Policy – Cato-at-Liberty  The Friedman Foundation has just published the latest state poll – Maryland – in their very helpful education survey series. There are a lot of interesting things here, but I’ll highlight just a couple…  What’s the Harm in Broadening Who Is … More

    Tankosphere Today: Sept. 3, 2008

    Gee, It’s a Bummer When You Cope with High Gas Prices So Well – Government Bytes Peder Jensen, a “transportation expert” for the EU’s European Environment Agency in Copenhagen had this to say about stubborn motorists who insist on driving even with high fuel prices… Company Can’t Test for Mad … More

    Three Concerns for the West on Russia's Invasion of Georgia

    Heritage’s Sally McNamara discusses the concerns for the West now that Russia invaded Georgia. In the video she highlights three main reasons why we need to be concerned: 1. The Invasion was illegal and immoral 2. Europe’s response has been wholly inadequate 3. The West should stress to Russia that … More

    Tankoshpere Today: Sept. 2, 2008

    Report from St. Paul: On Floods, Charity and Conventions – Shopfloor.org With Hurricane Gustav bearing down on New Orleans, the entire tenor of the 2008 Republican Convention has changed. Already dedicated to “service,” the focus of convention activities is now on how attendees, and all Americans, can assist in easing … More

    Tankosphere Today: Aug. 29, 2008

    Nancy’s War on Science – FRC Blog By the time Nancy Pelosi digs herself out of the hole her abortion comments have gotten her into, she’ll likely have reached some of the crude oil she’s keeping off the market. In defending her utterly baffling assertion that the “doctors of the … More

    Tankosphere Today: Aug. 28, 2008

    Safe Search Tools & Portals for Kids: The List Keeps Growing – The Technology Liberation Front Over at Ars, Ben Kuchera has a review of Ask.com’s redesign of its web portal for kids, AskKids.com. It’s a great new addition to the growing list of safe seach tools and web portals … More

    Tankosphere Today: Aug. 27, 2008

    The Green Bait-and-Switch – Adam Smith Institute In the US many environmentalists are getting infected with the NIMBY-virus* as they realize the unpleasant consequences of renewable energy. New projects, such as the 240-mile transmission line through Indiana to accommodate wind farms (at a cost of $1bn), are unlikely… Does Government … More

    Tankosphere Today: Aug. 26, 2008

    How Transparent is Your Local Government Website? – Government Bytes Sunshine Review is working on the My Government Website Project for “people from all around the country to collaboratively determine the extent to which government-managed websites contain the information people need.” Minnesota’s Declaration of Energy Independence – Townhall I wish … More