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  • Tankosphere Today: Sept 23, 2008

    Can Taxes Be Cut Below Zero?: Touted Tax Plans, Transfers, and Net Beneficiaries – The Tax Foundation If the federal government provides a refund check to someone with no income tax liability, is it a tax cut? It’s in the news lately, with both Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama touting … More

    Three Reasons to Support the U.S. India Civil Nuclear Age

    Heritage’s Lisa Curtis explains why Congress must move quickly to implement the US-India Civil Nuclear Deal. The deal would stregnthen US-India relations. India is a key Asian partner that shares our democratic values and political concerns. If this deal is not passed soon, it will have to wait until the … More

    This Week in Washington: Sept 22, 2008

    There are three big issues in This Week in Washington. Last week the House passed a sham energy bill that does not give states an incentive to allow off-shore drilling. That bill can possibly come before the Senate this week. Also coming before the Sentate is Majority Leader Reid’s (D-NV) … More

    Tankosphere Today: Sept 22, 2008

    A Positive Trend in Legal Thinking – InsiderOnline U.S. judges should be guided by U.S. law, not the judgments of foreign courts. However, there is one trend in foreign jurisprudence that U.S. judges should note: Other nation’s courts, reports the New York Times, are citing U.S. Supreme Court decisions… Biden … More

    Bell Ringers

    Roundup of Op-Ed’s from the Heritage Foundation Should Washington loan the Big Three automakers $50 billion to develop fuel-efficient vehicles? No By Nick Loris and James Gattuso Regardless of whether such an assertion holds true for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, that argument does not hold water for the auto … More

    Tankosphere Today: Sept 19, 2008

    My Heart Bleeds – OpenMarket.org Oh dear, what a shame, never mind. In a threatening recession, with a looming energy crisis, the last thing we should be doing is wasting money on projects that are not economically viable… Why Obama’s Plan is Not Where We Want to Go – FreedomTalks … More

    The Positive Link Between Parental Involvement and Children

    FamilyFacts.org has compiled the Top 10 Findings that explore the link between parental involvement and academic success. Studies show that there is a strong positive link between parental involvement and all areas of academic success including, school readiness for preschoolers, being well-behaved in middle school, and graduating from high school.  [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx8Vbeqqpno[/youtube]

    Three Problems with the New Economic Stimulus Bill

    Heritage’s Rea Hederman discusses three problems with the proposed Economic Stimulus Bill currently before Congress. In July, the Bill was projected to cost $25 billion dollars. Since then, the projected cost has doubled due to spending projects that should have been taken care of with the Budget process. The Bill … More

    Tankosphere Today: Sept 18, 2008

    How the IPCC Portrayed a Net Positive Impact of Climate Change as a Negative – Cato-at-Liberty Arguably the most influential graphic from the latest IPCC report is Figure SPM.2 from the IPCC WG 2’s Summary for Policy Makers (on the impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change)… Tom Bevan (founder … More

    Three Ways Congress Can Improve Homeland Security

    Dr. James Jay Carafano explains three simple ways Congress can improve Homeland Security. This is an issue that effects everyone and every member of Congress should be interested in it. It also effects every level of Government – Local, State, and Federal. Currently, there are 85 Committees overseeing the Department … More