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  • See the '33 Minutes' Trailer

    The Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce our first full-length documentary, “33 Minutes,” and to release the first trailer for the film. The documentary has a simple premise:  An intercontinental ballistic missile, or ICBM,  armed with a nuclear warhead could be launched and strike the United States in about 33 minutes – and … More

    Tankosphere Today: Nov. 7, 2008

    Nothing Innovative in Federal Education – Cato-at-Liberty I’m getting to this paper — a proposal from moderate-liberal, Democratic insiders Andy Rotherham and Sara Mead — kind of late because I was working on other things when it came out, but something in it begs for commentary, especially since folks like … More

    Tankosphere Today: Nov. 6, 2008

    The Failure of the EU Savings Tax Directive – Adam Smith Institute In Challenges facing the EU Savings Tax – the first independent study of the EU Savings Tax Directive – Keith and his co-author, Graham Mather, reveal that the European Commission is in danger of scoring an own goal … More

    Tankosphere Today: Nov. 5, 2008

    Sense at Last – Adam Smith Institute As expected, the government yesterday decided to allow ‘private top-ups’ within the NHS. In other words, patients are now going to be allowed to pay privately for additional drugs and treatments, without losing their right to NHS care and having to foot the … More

    Tankosphere Today: Nov. 4, 2008

    The Case of The Missing Victory – RedState There’s been a strange silence lately in the Presidential election: silence about victory in Iraq. Number of U.S. combat fatalities in Baghdad this October? Zero, for the first time in the war. It’s part of a larger trend: (tags: Iraq) Tax Competition … More

    Global Warming Debate Goes Cold

    As the House of Commons in England was debating global warming legislation, something happened that hasn’t occurred since 1922. Snow started to fall in October. Since the late 1980s, the left has been warning us of impending doom. Liberals say that the Earth’s temperature is rising and that carbon emissions … More

    Tankosphere Today: Oct. 31, 2008

    Midnight Regulations? If ‘Midnight’ Means December 2006 – Shopfloor.org The Washington Post publishes today as its lead, page one story, “A Last Push to Deregulate” with a subhed, “White House to Ease Many Rules.”… Global Warming: No Kumbaya, Yet – InsiderOnline Global warming was supposed to be such a dire … More

    Bell Ringers

    A round-up of Op-Eds by The Heritage Foundation If Democrats Win it All: Obama, Congress Will Get Best Red Tape Your Tax Money Can Buy – Ronald D. Utt With free markets on the defensive, a sweep of both branches of government by advocates of bigger government will lead to … More

    Tankosphere Today: Oct. 30, 2008

    California’s High-Risk Pool Is Not Working – Pacific Research Institute California’s high-risk pool for medically uninsured residents, MRMIP, is in trouble – poorly funded and lots of eligible folks are on the waiting list to enrol – according to the Los Angeles Times… Abortionists are Human Rights Defenders? Seriously? – … More

    Performance-Based Pay for Education

    On Google’s Knol site, Heritage senior policy analyst Dan Lips and Joydeep Roy, Lawrence Mishel and Sean Corcoran from the Econimc Policy Institute and New York University are debating whether there is a place for performance-based teacher compensation in our public school system. Roy, Lawrence and Mishel argue that it’s difficult to … More