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  • Lunch With Heritage Online Chat on the Drilling Moratorium

    This week we are joined by Energy and Environment Research Associate Nick Loris. He will take questions about the little-publicized reinstatement of the the offshore oil drilling moratorium. This is especially bad for the Gulf of Mexico region that is still reeling from the BP disaster. Nick has written extensively … More

    Lunch With Heritage Online Chat

    Join us on Today from 12-1 ET for our “Lunch With Heritage” Online Chat. We will be joined by senior policy analyst Curtis Dubay and he will be talking about the President’s Fiscal Commission report that was released yesterday that calls for a massive tax hike among other things. We … More

    Federal Regulations and Small Towns

    When unemployment is reaching heights we have not seen in years, and cities are on the brink of bankruptcy, what is the Obama administration focused on? Street signs. Not the broken ones that need to be replaced, but all of them, even if they are brand new. The reason? Most … More

    Lunch With Heritage Online Chat

    Join us Friday at Noon ET right here on The Foundry for a live chat on New START that is up for ratification in the Senate. Joining us will be Homeland Security expert James Carafano. Dr. Carafano is the Director of the Allison Center for Foreign Policy here at Heritage. … More

    Reforming Health Care Online Chat

    As part of our “Lunch With Heritage” series, we will be feature Director of Health Policy studies Nina Owcharenko. Nina will answer your questions on what is wrong with the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (PPACA) and the correct way forward. There is a lot that needs to … More

    Lunch With Heritage Chat

    The American people spoke loud and clear on Tuesday. They do not want to continue on the path that the Obama Administration was taking us on. The Heritage Foundation released a checklist of five things the new Congress MUST do. Brian Darling, Director of Government Relations for The Heritage Foundation  … More

    A Special Address by The Honorable Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

    Senator McConnell reflects on the message of the people to Capitol Hill following the elections and examines a policy agenda for moving our nation forward. To view the full text of his remarks, click here.

    Lunch With Heritage Online Chat: Obama Tax Hikes

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