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  • Awareness of Same-Sex Threat to Religious Liberty Growing

    As state recognition of same-sex marriage spreads,  awareness is rising about the threat it poses to religious liberty. On Wednesday, the governor of Maine signed a bill creating government recognition of same-sex relationships. Lawmakers in New Hampshire have also moved forward on legislation that would redefine marriage, though it is … More

    Same-Sex Marriage Shuts Down Methodist Camp Ground

    A paper recently published by The Heritage Foundation outlined the threat to religious liberty posed by nondiscrimination laws that elevate sexual orientation to a “protected status” just like race or gender. One of the cases used to illustrate this point involved a Methodist campground ministry in New Jersey that refused … More

    "Blatant Religious Hatred" in California

    Just before the elections, The Heritage Foundation published a paper I wrote about how redefining marriage to include same-sex unions would threaten religious liberties and foster a climate of contempt for people who continue to believe marriage involves a man and a woman. As the paper explains, once courts conclude … More

    A Threat to Religious Liberty

    Tomorrow, voters in California, Arizona, and Florida will decide whether to approve amendments to the constitutions in those states that would define marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman. The amendment in California would overturn the recent decision of the California Supreme Court to impose same-sex marriage … More