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  • Fuel-Cell Subsidies

    Fuel-cell vehicles are a long way off, reports The Washington Times. Cost, fuel availability, and consumer skepticism remain major obstacles. This is yet another reason why Congress should end subsidies for alternative energy technologies. Introducing the five-year, $1.2 billion Hydrogen Fuel Initiative in 2003, President Bush promised that federal subsidies … More

    Merit Pay for Teachers Shows Results

    A new study shows that merit-based pay for teachers can improve student test scores, The Washington Times reports. The Achievement Challenge Pilot Project (ACPP) covered five schools in Little Rock, Arkansas. Teachers could earn as much as an $11,000 bonus based on how much their students’ test scores improved. Researchers … More

    Is Government Driving Entrepreneurship in Ireland?

    That’s what a Drudge-linked article in today’s New York Times suggests. The article attributes a large part of Ireland’s economic success to a government agency, Enterprise Ireland (EI). The agency provides state funding to startup companies, supports research and development, and introduces entrepreneurs to foreign government officials. However, a quick … More

    SBA Improves Without Funding Increases

    As reported in the Washington Post, a new survey shows that the Small Business Administration (SBA) has improved its employees’ morale without the cash infusion desired by the agency’s backers in Congress. Two years ago, the SBA was ranked as the worst place to work in the federal government. The … More