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  • A Cyber Cold War: Russia and Ukraine Trade Cyber Attacks

    Ukraine’s telecommunications system has been cyber attacked, according to the head of the country’s security service. Internet and telephone services between the Crimea region and the rest of Ukraine were cut after Russian forces seized control of Crimea, but now the mobile phones of members of the Ukrainian parliament are … More

    Corruption—Not Just Terrorism—Threatens the Sochi Games

    While the world is focusing on a terror threat to Sochi and Russia during this month’s Winter Olympics, a prominent Russian opposition leader, Boris Nemtsov, warns that a terrorist attack is not the only danger. The Sochi Olympics have spotlighted Russia’s systemic problems, including corruption, which have led to poorly … More

    Sochi Hotel Debacle Indicates Systemic Problems in Russia

      Sochi appears to be a huge management and PR disappointment. Journalists arriving to the Olympic Games are reporting major problems with the hotels, such as broken elevators and a lack of hot water and heat. This is indicative of broader, systemic problems — and it’s not shocking, as hospitality service … More