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  • Shameful Surrender: Today's Missile Defense Decision

    President Obama’s decision to abandon plans for basing elements of the U.S. missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic is entirely a political one – in order to appease Russia. This decision is a strategic victory for the Kremlin, which is determined to have a sphere of privileged … More

    Iran: Still Playing for Time

    On a visit to Prague in April, President Obama stated that nuclear non-proliferation would be a flagship policy of his Administration, with the long-term goal of total nuclear disarmament. If he is serious, then stopping Iran’s relentless ambition to join the club of nuclear weapons states must be a top … More

    Third Site Missile Defenses Would Demonstrate the Indivisibility of Transatlantic Security

    As Iran inches closer to crossing the nuclear weapons threshold and continues to advance its ballistic missile program, the dangers to Europe and America increase. Estimates predict that Tehran’s missiles could hit Europe’s entire landmass within 4 years, with parts of Europe already in Tehran’s crosshairs. An attack on Europe … More

    Germany: Uncertain Of Its Role In The World

    Germans will go to the polls on September 27 to elect a new Chancellor and Government. Unsurprisingly, the economy is the dominant issue. But the lack of debate over the mission in Afghanistan – where Germany is the third largest troop contributor after the United States and the UK – … More

    Peace Won By The Strong

    Marking the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek paid tribute to the European Union for making war on the Continent unthinkable and, “materially impossible.” He had a point; not that the EU was a critical instrument of peace and stability … More

    Protecting America Requires More Than Diplomacy And Development

    What do President Obama and Chancellor Merkel have in common? They both believe that the defense part of a national security strategy can be subjugated to diplomacy and development. In the wake of World War II, German foreign policy became wholly pacifistic whereby wars can’t even be called wars. Germany’s … More

    The Insecurity of Isolationism

    Doug Bandow argues against NATO expansion on the basis that more friends mean more war. Does that mean that fewer friends will mean less war? Perhaps someone should tell President Obama that his great world apology tour, trying to win new friends and influence old ones, is not only displeasing … More

    The Inspiration of Lady Thatcher

    In a small, but hugely significant move, leader of Britain’s Conservative Party, David Cameron, has formally constituted a new parliamentary grouping in the European Parliament. The ‘European Conservatives and Reformists Group’ is the first European parliamentary party dedicated to a model of European governance that protects national sovereignty. Already comprised … More

    A Friendly Eastern Neighborhood

    Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski argues compellingly in last week’s Wall Street Journal for the deepening of EU cooperation with six Eastern and South Caucasus States — Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The Eastern Partnership, conceived by Poland and formally constituted under the Czech Presidency of the EU … More

    Where is Obama on Georgia?

    Although Congress continues to move rapidly to appropriate the final portion of its billion-dollar aid pledge to Georgia (made in the aftermath of its short, but brutal war with Russia last August), the commitment of the Obama Administration toward Tbilisi remains unclear. Georgia’s Minister for defense, Vasil Sikharulidze visits Washington … More