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  • Glenn Beck and the Buzz About Social Justice

    Fox News commentator Glenn Beck recently raised concerns about churches promoting social justice.  He noted that the term “social justice” has been linked with Marxist economics and government redistribution of wealth, and he called it “a perversion of the gospel.” Various Christian commentators have responded that social justice is a … More

    Obama’s Faith-Based Office Shouldn’t Put So Much Faith In Government

    A recent Washington Post article reports that several faith leaders are sensing a new tone from President Barack Obama’s office on faith-based initiatives. According to Stanley Carlson-Thies, who has worked closely with the office under both Presidents Bush and Obama, rather than creating a fair playing field for the good … More

    Fighting Human Trafficking Requires Multiple Institutions

    President Obama has declared January 2010 National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Human trafficking is a horrific reality of our world today. Millions of people are victimized worldwide, including thousands of people within America’s borders. Human trafficking is one of the issues explored in a brand new resource from … More

    What Wasn’t Heard at the ‘Mobilization to End Poverty’

    Earlier this week about 1000 people came to DC for the “Mobilization to End Poverty” conference sponsored by the Christian organization Sojourners. It’s encouraging to see people of all ages come together from across the country out of common concern for the poor. Those gathered at the conference heard a … More

    Remembering Richard John Neuhaus

    Today a funeral mass is being held in New York City for Father Richard John Neuhaus. Perhaps best known as the founder and editor-in-Chief of the journal First Things, Neuhaus was a prominent theologian, prolific writer, and ordained priest. Both in America and around the world, he exercised considerable influence … More