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  • Brazil to Clinton on Iran Sanctions: "Count Us Out!"

    It appears that Secretary Clinton’s much anticipated meeting with Brazilian President Lula da Silva and Foreign Minister Celso Amorim on March 3 resulted in the diplomatic cold shoulder with regard to cooperative action aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions. While in Brazil on her Latin America swing, Secretary Clinton made … More

    Iran Looms Large at Lula-Clinton Meeting

    On the fourth leg of her Latin American trip, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets with Brazil’s President Lula da Silva   He presides over a Brazil that is rising in confidence, economic power, and global influence but myopic in its treatment of Iran. The Secretary will have to make a … More

    Spanish Judge Probes Chavez Terror Connection

    On March 1,  Spanish prosecuting judge Eloy Velasco issued indictments against 12 terrorist members of the ETA, the chief Basque separatist/terrorist organization, and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).  Both ETA and FARC are considered international terrorist organization in Europe and by the U.S. The Spanish judge charged the … More

    A Second Tragedy in the Americas: Earthquake Tests Chile’s Resilience

    Less than two months after the January 12 earthquake in Haiti, another Hemispheric neighbor has fallen victim to the ravages of nature. The earthquake that struck Chile in the early hours of February 27 measured 8.8 on the Richter scale and was one of the most powerful quakes in a … More

    Be a Man! Hugo Chavez!

    The buzz in Latin America was the February 22 shout-fest in Cancun, Mexico between Colombia’s pro-American leader Alvaro Uribe and Venezuela’s populist, anti-American president Hugo Chavez.  The showdown erupted during a private luncheon for Latin American and Caribbean presidents gathered to discuss [without the U.S. or Canada present] a framework … More

    Even Obama Can't Open Cuba's Clenched Fist

    Cuba’s communist regime lashed out at the Obama Administration over the weekend following bilateral meetings in Havana. A visit by a senior State Department official — Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Craig Kelly – marked the highest-level contact thus far. The chief aim of the visit: a discussion of migration issues. … More

    Trouble Brewing in South Atlantic Over Control of Falklands

    Possession of the Falkland/Malvinas Islands in the South Atlantic is again being disputed. The United Kingdom’s 180-year control over the islands and the will of its English-speaking inhabitants as well as the sacrifice of British blood and treasure that reversed the 1982 Argentine aggression give the UK clear possession of … More

    Russian Foreign Minister’s “In Your Face Tour” of the Americas

    Efforts by the Obama Administration to work with Russia on Iran, nuclear arms control, and the fight against terrorism do not prevent Moscow from periodically reasserting its presence in the Western Hemisphere. Between February 10 and 16, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov conducted a New World tour seeking deeper … More

    Haiti: A Month after the Tragedy

    Haiti marks on February 12, the first month after the horrific January 12 earthquake, with a day of national mourning.  According to Haitian officials the death toll stands at between 217,000 and 230,000, a staggering figure equaling that of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. It is an occasion to reflect … More

    Bravo Costa Rica!

    The election of Laura Chinchilla of the National Liberation Party on February 7 to the presidency of Costa Rica is an important milestone for Central America. President-elect Chinchilla has become Costa Rica’s first female president and the fifth woman elected president of a Latin America state since 1990. Her election … More