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  • The U.S. Chamber of Tax Hikes

    Some national business leaders are outright opposing measures of fiscal responsibility. Fortunately, fiscal conservatives in Congress are fighting back. Case in point: reaction to House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee (T&I) Chairman John Mica’s (R–FL) proposed six-year reauthorization bill, which limits transportation spending to the federal fuel tax revenues flowing into … More

    House Transportation Rule is Waste Buster

    The House Republicans will soon debate and vote on a series of changes in the rules that govern how the House operates during the 112th Congress. Some of these rules are designed to facilitate the goal of greater spending restraint and, as a consequence, are being vigorously opposed by the … More

    Stimulus Plan: Just a Big Bailout of Failed Governments and Programs

    There was good news and bad news in the the House Democrat’s latest so-called stimulus plan. The good news is that the bill’s authors heeded the skepticism shared by many fiscal conservatives, and resisted the intense campaign of many lobbyists to make a massive spending commitment to transportation infrastructure – … More