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  • Side Effects: The Beginning of the End for FSAs

    “If you like your current health coverage, you can keep it.”  It was a key promise of Obamacare. But the new law gives government a say in everything from the benefits you carry to the treatment you receive.  And that means very real changes to existing coverage.  One of those … More

    Obamacare’s Big Surprises for the Uninsured

    The recently signed health-care legislation will have lasting consequences on health care in America. The massive two-piece package includes federal control of benefits, increased taxes, mandates on employers and individuals, and an expansion of costly and inefficient entitlements. This represents a federal takeover of the U.S. health care system on … More

    Side Effects: Get Ready to Wait for Your Health Care

    Patience will be more than a virtue, under Obamacare.  It’ll be a necessity.  A recent article from ABC News outlines why Americans can expect longer and longer waits before they see a doctor. One reason is that there just won’t be enough doctors to get the job done.  ABC reports … More

    Side Effects: Doctor Participation May Vary

    In recent years, the United States has faced a growing shortage of physicians.  Under Obamacare, it will only get worse. Industry experts predict a 40,000 shortfall in doctors over the next decade There are two factors at play here.  First, the existing supply of primary care physicians will not be … More

    Obamacare Spells Disaster for Americans

    Now that Obamacare passed, the Left is calling it a truly historic achievement,  chalking it up as a victory for health care reformers everywhere.  With the enactment of the House-Senate reconciliation bill, the so-called “fix” to the Senate bill,  Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) remarked that the bill did “something very … More

    A Guide to the Senate Vote-O-Rama: Part Two

    The Senate’s health care bill became law earlier this week, but the fight against a government overhaul of our nation’s health system continued in the Senate. Senators voted on many amendments to the reconciliation bill passed by the House as a “fix” to the massive Senate health bill, H.R. 3590. … More

    Interstate Compacts for Health Insurance is Yet Another Sound Idea

    Throughout the debate over liberals’ health care proposals, it has become clear that  while Americans want health care reform, they reject the direction of the legislation that will be voted on in the House this weekend.  The current health care bill results in a government takeover of the health care … More

    The Senate Health Bill: Ordinary Americans Have Been Warned

    As the House of Representatives prepares for a final round of debate on the health care legislation, ordinary Americans must grasp the huge impact on the future of the country. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pulling out all the stops to get the 216 votes needed to pass the Senate … More

    Health Coverage for All Americans? Not Under the Senate Health Bill

    As Congressional leaders continue to search for ways to pass the Senate health bill in the House later this week, Americans continue to be subjected to dubious rhetoric surrounding the bill’s provisions.  The Senate bill’s supporters claim that their legislation must be made law, no matter the cost, in order … More

    Think Medicaid Expansion is a Good Idea? Think Again.

    Most everyone agrees that decreasing the number of the uninsured is an important goal of health care legislation. What is not agreed upon is the best way to achieve that goal. Obama’s health care plan depends on expanding the number of Americans enrolled in Medicaid – the government-run program for … More