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  • Oregon Medicaid Experiment: Not As Convincing As You May Think

    The literature on the quality of Medicaid has mixed findings—some shows that having Medicaid is better than being uninsured; some shows the opposite. But virtually all of these studies suffer from a statistical issue that makes it impossible to tell whether or not it’s Medicaid or something else driving the … More

    Obamacare’s Premium Subsidies Will Stifle Small Business

    As small business goes, so goes the economy. They have been responsible for creating almost two-thirds of all net new jobs over the last 15 years. Indeed, one reason Obamacare is such a concern is that it will significantly reduce the incentive for small businesses to hire. Especially once the … More

    Did High Taxes Help Phillies Land Cliff Lee?

    Many baseball fans and sports writers woke up yesterday morning scratching their heads to Cliff Lee’s decision to turn down a deal worth $154 million over 7 years with the New York Yankees to join the Philadelphia Phillies for a mere $120 million over 5 years. As ESPN columnist Jayson … More