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  • Video: Ed Feulner on Conservative Momentum

    Conservatives are retaking the momentum in Washington and around the country, Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner explains in the video below. And with your help, we can build on this momentum in the new year.

    Sean Hannity Thanks Heritage Members

    One year ago, Americans had just elected Barack Obama as president, and he promised to enact the most progressive agenda in U.S. history. The mainstream media had declared conservative ideas outdated and the conservative movement dead. But at The Heritage Foundation, we chose to stand our ground. In 2009, our … More

    The Defense Bill and D.C. Representation Don't Mix

    Since the Democrats retook control of Congress in January 2007, liberal lawmakers have been working to advance one of their favorite causes: granting the District of Columbia a full seat in the House of Representatives. They have tried on several occasions to pass legislation to accomplish this and have been … More

    Heritage Fights Back

    Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner recently sent a message to our members and supporters, explaining how Heritage and conservatives around the country are fighting back against the Left and offering common-sense alternatives to the agenda coming from the White House and Capitol Hill. Here’s an excerpt: Ideas are the key. … More

    Lobbying to Violate the Constitution

    Last year, Congress rejected legislation that would violate the Constitution by granting the District of Columbia voting representation in the House of Representatives. But advocates of this plan haven’t given up hope. Instead, voting rights activists have stepped up their lobbying efforts, and Roll Call reported last week that they … More

    A Private Solution to D.C. Transit?

    Last week, the federal government indicated it was reconsidering a $900 million grant to fund a massive expansion of the Washington Metro. Today, the Washington Post reports that a funding solution may be in sight: private investors may help the rail extension project meet its funding needs. As reported previously … More