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  • Now Ethanol Wants a Bailout

    Nothing gathers a crowd in Washington like the sight of money being handed out. Banks, carmakers and now ethanol? From the Wall Street Journal: The Renewable Fuels Association, a trade group for the U.S. ethanol industry, has spoken with staff members from Capitol Hill and President-elect Barack Obama’s team and … More

    Should We Hand Detroit a Blank Check?

    Despite the fact that Congress intended the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) solely for financial institutions, the Bush administration, the Treasury, Members of Congress and the automakers are negotiating a plan to use the last $15 billion to bail out Detroit’s automakers. I won’t get into the illegality … More

    Obama: 'Under My Plan, Electricity Rates Will Necessarily Skyrocket'

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydqg7ThZB04[/youtube] When President-elect Barack Obama discusses his cap-and-trade policy (it gets good around the 32-second mark), at least he acknowledges “electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket.” I’m not sure why this isn’t getting more attention. People in this country were outraged when gas was $4-per-gallon. They assumed oil companies were artificially … More

    Ford's UAW Contract

    Surely, some concessions can be made, right?

    What Chu Should Do on Nuclear

    So it looks like President-elect Obama is going to name his energy and environment team next week. Among the purported choices is Nobel-winning physicist Steven Chu to lead the Department of Energy. One of the questions on our minds is how will he handle nuclear energy policy. It is impossible … More

    Scientists Make Anti-Global Warming Case

    Al Gore is a politician who somehow managed to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Ivar Giaever is a Nobel Laureate in Physics. When it comes to global warming one has said, “If we allow this to happen, it would be deeply and unforgivably immoral. It would condemn coming generations to a … More

    The Auto Bailout: So Wrong in So Many Ways

    There’s been a lot of good discussion on the auto bailout over the past day or so. And by good discussion, I mean pointing out how utterly ridiculous an auto bailout is. Our own James Gattuso lays out Congress’s plan in his latest paper: “Eligibility for the program is limited … More

    When Government Gets in the Way…

    When nuclear experts discuss nuclear energy, they generally talk about three different parts: the front end of the fuel cycle, business and operations, and the back end of the fuel cycle. The front end includes all of the activities necessary to produce nuclear fuel. This means mining, enrichment, fuel fabrication, … More

    Global Warming Treaty Idea Never Heats up in Poland

    The old saying no news is good news certainly holds true in this case. With talks of an auto bailout and a certain Illinois governor entertaining bids for President-elect Barack Obama’s Senate seat usurping the headlines, there has been little talk of the global climate change conference in Poznan, Poland. … More

    The Auto Bailout: A Lesson from the Russians?

    Not only can we learn from the Russians, the Russians can learn from themselves. This comes from Marginal Revolution: One headline reads: Detroit Bailout is to Bring on U.S. Oversight The other reads: In Hard Times, Russia Moves to Reclaim Private Industries The Russian automobile sector, however, appears to be … More