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  • Wind and Solar Worth the Investment? Obama says Yes, Experience Says No

    Speaking at an Air Force base near Las Vegas, President Obama pointed to a field of solar panels and boldly declared, “The first is a solar energy technologies program that will help replicate the success of the Nellis project in cities and states across America.” Obama, visiting Nellis Air Force … More

    Waxman-Markey by the Numbers

    Below is a breakdown of economic impacts of Waxman-Markey calculated by economists at The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis. For full analysis of the bill, go here. Energy Cost Impacts Price increases      2035 Gasoline                   58% Electricity               90% Natural Gas             55% Heating Oil              56%

    Video: Does Cap and Trade Mean the End of Parking Tickets?

    America is going on a big energy diet. Cap and Trade is the policy that our government is pursuing to force Americans to limit the amount of carbon dioxide that we produce. The problem is that America relies on CO2 emitting fuel sources for 85 percent of its energy. So … More

    File This in the Category of Global Warming Absurdity

    “Changing our lifestyles, including our diets, is going to be one of the crucial elements in cutting carbon emissions,” says David Kennedy, the UK’s chief executive of the Committee on Climate Change. Apparently that includes giving up carbon-intensive food: Government advisers are developing menus to combat climate change by cutting … More

    Cap and Trade Quote of the Day

    From the Washington Post’s Steven Pearlstein: The other thing to say about it is that it is a badly flawed piece of public policy. It is so broad in its reach and complex in its details that it would be difficult to implement even in Sweden, let alone in a … More

    Cap and Trade Bill Moves Forward on Waxman’s Artificial Timeline: High Costs Remain (Part 10 in a 10-Part Series)

    Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) is a man of his words, sort of. He told people he wanted to get a global warming bill that capped carbon dioxide out by Memorial Day and he did: Legislation imposing the first nationwide limits on the pollution blamed for global warming advanced in the … More

    EPA's Flawed Cap and Trade Analysis

    Today the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) released a new study that predicts devastating economic impacts of Waxman-Markey’s cap and trade legislation. The analysis determines that by 2030 the law would: • Reduce national GDP roughly $350 billon below the baseline level; • Cut net employment by 2.5 million … More

    Cap and Trading Your Job In for Unemployment Insurance

    Title IV, Subtitle B, Part 2, Section 426 of the Waxman-Markey cap and trade legislation: An eligible worker (specifically, workers who lose their jobs as a result of this measure) may receive a climate change adjustment allowance under this subsection for a period of not longer than 156 weeks…80 percent … More

    How to Get Through a 946-Page Global Warming Bill

    What do you do when you want to pass some of the costliest legislation in history that will strip $4300 away from the average family in higher energy taxes? Hire a speed reader, of course: “Democrats in the House Energy and Commerce Committee have taken a novel precaution to head … More

    Obama’s Ban on Soccer Moms

    Time for practice. Time to pile into the…Toyota Prius? Maybe the Yaris. Or surely the Smart Car will do. Those are three of eleven cars that meet President Obama’s new emissions standards that include “nothing larger than a midsize sedan, even when you include hybrids.” We’ve pointed out how bad … More