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  • Fact: Compromise Has Expanded Government

    “[C]onservatives make two simple claims: Most policies under debate are liberal, and Republican leaders sacrifice conservative principles when they compromise. History shows they are right on both counts.” So argues political scientist Matt Grossman of Michigan State University in a recent Washington Post column, relying on coded data spanning all … More

    It's Not Enough to Win Elections

    ‘We have to win elections.” Party strategists in Washington throw around the phrase as though it were some brilliant political insight. It’s not. Most Americans learned this concept in elementary-school civics. The reason party strategists invoke a concept most Americans learned well before they could vote is to frame politics … More

    How Conservatives Win

    It should come as no surprise The New York Times would bury news of a conservative victory over President Obama on page 8. The lead paragraph said it all: Senate Democrats, bowing to united House Republican opposition, dropped reforms of International Monetary Fund governance from a Ukraine aid package on … More

    Breaking the Revolving Door

    The chattering class loves to say Washington is broken. It’s not; this town is a well-oiled machine for special interests. Indeed, if you’re part of the corrupt nexus that encircles big government and special interests, Washington is your best friend. But there is some evidence that things are changing, and … More

    Congress Flooded with Flip-Floppers

    Nothing unites political actors in Washington like legislation designed to wash away the smallest smattering of reform. In 2011, the House took near-unanimous action to reform a program most Americans had never heard of: the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). In theory, a flood insurance system charging homeowners a fair … More

    Why More Lawmakers Should Have Fought the Debt Ceiling Suspension

        If some members of Congress have their way, this week’s clean debt ceiling suspension is just the beginning of a sustained effort to abdicate fiscal responsibility.  “There’s a lot of talk in our conference,” Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) said yesterday, about the “old Gephardt Rule.” What is the … More

    Opportunity vs. Cronyism

    President Obama’s hour-long lecture to the American people Tuesday was notable for what was not included: the assertion a new progressive wave had swept over our country.  Last year, many in the consulting class warned America had turned a corner, and they urged conservatives to moderate their principles in pursuit … More

    The Christmas Tree: Washington’s Weapon Against Conservatives

    Over the past several decades, big-government lawmakers and lobbyists have developed a wide array of techniques they have used to successfully advance their own interests, usually to the detriment of our nation.  If conservatives are to be successful in changing Washington and saving the country, we must first understand the … More

    Heritage Action: Stand With Us

    Last night, President Obama won reelection. This is a devastating blow, but not a decisive defeat. We conservatives cannot give up now. We have to reaffirm our resolve and renew our fight for conservative principles. Watch the new video from Heritage Action to find out how we will fight the … More