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  • 'Blizzard' of Words, but Panetta's Actions Will Determine National Security

    At his confirmation hearing today, Defense Secretary nominee Leon Panetta argued that the Cold War of the 20th century had been replaced by a “blizzard” of threats in the 21st. Remarking that “for our troops, there has been no shortage of war,” Panetta will likely concentrate on winding down American … More

    Military Already Being Cut, But Obama Makes It Official

    President Obama on Wednesday announced $400 billion in defense cuts between now and 2023. But in reality, defense budgets have already been cut, are being cut now, and will be cut even further in the future. And it’s happening at the expense of national security. He specifically referenced $400 billion … More

    Preserving the Peace: Modernize Now, Save Later

    Supporting America’s armed forces in times of war and peace is a fundamental obligation of government as part of its responsibility to provide for the common defense and protect the nation. A decade of combat operations and two decades of underinvestment have left the U.S. military too small and inadequately … More

    Dragon Week: U.S. Air Capabilities at Risk

    Secretary of Defense Robert Gates just returned from a visit to China after the recent restoration of military ties between the two countries. While he was there, China’s military leaders unveiled a new stealth fighter jet. The Chengdu J-20 prototype of a future stealth fifth-generation multirole aircraft clearly caught the … More

    U.S. Military Direct Orders: Do More with Less

    Politicians looking for places to save money after an era of spending binges are now set to solve their self-made problem on the back of the U.S. military. Responding to this pressure, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen will conduct a press … More

    Once a Marine: 235 Years of Warrior Service

    They are called Leathernecks, Devil Dogs, Gyrenes, Jarheads, and more. The 235-year legacy forged in tradition and sacrifice inspires every warrior who has earned the right to be a United States Marine. November 10 is etched in the hearts and souls of this famous brotherhood, and The Heritage Foundation is … More

    Memo to the Next Congress: Americans Want to Cut Government, Not Defense

    Ask the average American about the strength of our nation’s defense, and the answer may surprise you. According to a poll earlier this year, Americans are now more likely to believe the U.S. national defense is “not strong enough.” Intuitively, many Americans support the government in spending what is necessary … More

    Happy 235th Birthday, U.S. Navy

    Today, the 235th birthday of the U.S. Navy, Heritage thanks all of America’s sailors and their families, retirees, and veterans. On October 13, 1775, Congress enacted legislation providing for the outfitting of America’s first two warships. While Navy missions have evolved significantly from searching for munitions ships supplying the British, … More

    Arm Our Children to Succeed and Arm the Military to Prevail

    As a nation, we shouldn’t have to choose between defense and education. Yet, in a recent ABC News This Week roundtable, the President’s top political advisor, David Axelrod, criticized cuts to the education budget, suggesting that education spending is our defense budget of the future. There is absolutely no doubt … More

    Gates Going

    In the coming months, lots of people will be cranking up their computers and burning up the airwaves with commentary on the just-announced departure of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates sometime in 2011. Evaluating his legacy as SECDEF when he ultimately leaves next year will be important for the historical … More