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  • Solyndra Poured Money Into Lobbying While It Struggled Financially

    Internal communications and testimonials from former Solyndra employees provide a stunning window into the consequences of federal support for private companies. Political backing, in short, made the company sloppy, wasteful, and spurred it to focus more and more resources on securing federal handouts – even while the company’s everyday business … More

    Email Shows Solyndra Violated Pledge to Answer Committee's Questions

    Solyndra executives scheduled to testify before a House committee on Friday were likely expecting some tough questions. In general, Republicans will wonder whether their political ties got them favorable treatment from the Energy Department. Democrats will want to know why the company said it was financially healthy mere weeks before … More

    Washington in a Flash: Government Shutdown on the Horizon?

    Driving the conversation: Mitch McConnell says no. Harry Reid says maybe. At issue is a continuing resolution the House is expected to take up today. It would fund the federal government at current levels, but the $3.65 billion increase in FEMA disaster aid funding would be offset with cuts elsewhere in … More

    Solyndra Execs Renege, Will Take the Fifth at Oversight Hearing

    Two Solyndra executives slated to testify before a House committee Friday have announced they will invoke their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination and refuse to answer any of the committee’s questions. The two had previously told the committee they would not plead the Fifth if they could push back the … More

    Washington in a Flash: Barack's Buffett Bloviating

    Driving the conversation: No part of President Obama’s newly-unveiled deficit reduction plan has attracted more attention than the so-called “Buffett Rule” – mentioned in yesterday’s WIAF – which would bar individuals making more than a million dollars from paying a smaller share of their income in taxes than middle income … More

    'Green Jobs' Proponents Continue to Tout Solyndra Program as Success

    ABC’s political blog The Note included a comment from yours truly in a recent piece on the Solyndra scandal. We appreciate the folks at ABC reaching out, of course, but I’d just like to provide some context for my remarks. Here’s what ABC’s Amy Bingham wrote: “What Solyndra really speaks … More

    Solyndra's Legal Team: Five Attorneys at $2,550 Per Hour

    Solyndra has hired a team of five high-powered attorneys to help get it through its bankruptcy proceedings, according to documentation the company has filed in court (embedded below). Their firm, McDermott Will & Emery, also represented the company before it filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this month. Some of the … More

    Washington in a Flash: Same Old, Same Old in Obama's Deficit Plan

    Driving the conversation: President Obama released his deficit reduction plan on Monday, which would reduce the national debt by $3 trillion over ten years through a variety of tax hikes, superficial cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, and by incorporating savings gleaned from drawing down America’s military presence in the Middle … More

    Scribecast: John Yoo Talks Terrorism and the Future of National Security

    Earlier this week at Heritage, a Bush-era deputy assistant attorney general shared the stage with a former president of the American Civil Liberties Union. It’s not exactly the type of combination you might expect talking about terrorism 10 years after 9/11. But for John Yoo and Nadine Strossen, it was … More

    Morning Bell: Solyndra Scandal Ends Green Jobs Myth

    President Barack Obama’s solution for America’s unemployment woes has been a stubborn campaign to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on economic “stimulus”–much of it on so-called “green jobs.” Report after report has shown the approach to be a total failure. And now, a new scandal involving Solyndra, a bankrupt … More