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  • Killing Opportunity Scholarships Is The Real Clunker

    Last week, Congress rushed to infuse an additional $2 billion into the “Cash for Clunkers” program on the grounds that it is wildly popular. “I’d like to see that program extended…I hope we can get it done,” stated Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL). “I think the last thing any politician wants … More

    Lieberman Introduces Opportunity Scholarship Reauthorization Bill

    D.C. families filled a Senate conference room on Thursday to applaud Senator Joseph Lieberman’s (I-CT) introduction of a bill reauthorizing the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program. The Scholarships for Opportunity and Results (SOAR) Act would reauthorize the program for another five years, and allows new students to continue to enter the … More

    Looking Out for Number One: Union Dues

    New York City principals and parents have resourcefully devised a way to better equip their children’s local public schools to meet their needs. For years, some public schools in Manhattan have raised money from parents to hire additional teaching assistants to aid lead teachers in the classroom. The aides, who … More

    Stealth Agenda in Health-Care Bill: Early Childhood Home Visitation

    The massive 1,018-page health care bill introduced by House Democrats is full of bad policy ideas, and they’re not all even about health care. One troublesome provision calls for a home visitation program that would bring state workers into the homes of young families to improve “the well-being, health, and … More

    A Pint-Size Lesson on Education Reform

    Fourteen-year-old Johnathan Krohn understands what many members of Congress do not: that school choice works and is the key to successful education reform. This morning’s edition of Fox and Friends featured the “Pint-Sized Pundit Pit: Child Prodigy Edition,” in which the guests were asked to discuss the merits of year-round … More

    Quelling the Preschool Enthusiasm

    The Washington Post recently ran a piece by Chester Finn, asking to “slow the preschool bandwagon”, which currently consists of a $10 billion pledge by President Obama for his “zero to five” program, numerous bills in Congress to promote states’ efforts in implementing universal preschool, and a chorus of governors, … More

    Not Giving School Choice Its Due

    The Hill reports that President Obama’s contribution to Sidwell Friend’s recent fundraising auction was less than impressive, if not downright disappointing. The school, which is home to first daughters Malia and Sasha, holds the auction to fund scholarships for low-income children whose families cannot afford tuition at the elite school. … More

    Oklahoma: High Marks for Pre-K Spending, Low Marks for Reading Achievement

    This week, the Tulsa World proudly proclaimed: Finally, along comes a set of national rankings which ought to make Oklahomans especially proud. The latest annual survey by the National Institute for Early Education Research shows Oklahoma leading the nation in prekindergarten enrollment. The State of Preschool 2008 showed Oklahoma in … More

    Double the Satisfaction at a Quarter of the Cost

    The Senate is expected to vote on the $410 billion Omnibus bill today, which includes a provision that would effectively end the successful D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program – potentially disrupting the lives of more than 1,700 scholarship students while sending a signal that school choice is not welcome in Washington. … More

    Will Obama Ignore These Children?

    The futures of 1,700 District schoolchildren hang in the balance this week as a stealthy provision to kill the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program – tucked discretely away in the Omnibus bill – makes its way through the Senate. Bill McGurn writes in the Wall Street Journal: Known as the ‘Durbin … More