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  • Shocking Study Results Reveal Moral Imperative to Fix Medicaid

    This week, The New York Times highlighted a study on Medicaid, the federal–state partnership to provide health care to the poor and disabled, and its failure to offer enrolled children access to care. The researchers used a “secret shopper” technique to see how many specialists in Cook County, Illinois, turned … More

    Huge Number of Businesses to Drop Health Insurance, Thanks to Obamacare

    Experts have warned that Obamacare’s new subsidy program could cause a mass exodus of businesses out of employer-sponsored insurance. New research from McKinsey and Company based on a survey of employers reinforces this concern. According to their findings, 30 percent of employers said they would definitely or probably stop offering … More

    Deciphering the Left’s Medicare Playbook

    It’s a simple fact: You can’t sustain Medicare unless you transform the current—and unaffordable—system. But the left continues to falsely decry conservatives’ plans to achieve this, accusing them of plotting to end the program altogether. It’s ironic, then, that the left has diligently pursued a strategy of its own to … More

    Hospitals' Skepticism of New Obamacare Medicare Payment Scheme Grows

    A frequent accusation against conservative Medicare reform proposals is that they would “end Medicare as we know it.” But the reality is that Obamacare has already accomplished this. One example is a new program that will, for the first time, attempt to pay for quality by penalizing hospitals that fail … More

    New Study Reveals Obamacare's Threats to the Economy — And Medicine as We Know it

    Moving into the 21st century, the practice of medicine is on the cusp of exciting new territory. Advances in medical and pharmaceutical research, particularly in personalized medicine, promise new cures to diseases that affect millions of Americans. Now more than ever, Washington should get out of the way of innovation … More

    Liberals’ Main Medicare Cost-Reduction Strategy Already Proves Ineffective

    Typically, demonstration programs exist to prove the effectiveness of a reform proposal before implementing it nationwide. This was apparently forgotten in the drafting of Obamacare, which relies heavily on accountable care organizations (ACOs) to curb runaway spending in Medicare and the health care system at large. Supporters claim ACOs, a … More

    Discouraging Retirement Savings Is No Way to Reduce the Federal Deficit

    It’s a fact that runaway spending, not lack of revenue, is the cause of long-term federal deficits. Still, some continue to push for higher taxes to solve the problem. A favorite tool of would-be revenue raisers is to eliminate “tax expenditures”—revenue the federal government “forgoes,” they say, due to tax … More

    More Bold Proposals to Solve the Medicaid Crisis

    Successful health care reform requires bold changes, not more of the status quo. Nowhere is this truer than in the case of Medicaid, the federal-state partnership to provide health care to the poor and disabled. Unfortunately for taxpayers and program beneficiaries, this was neglected by Obamacare. The new law leaves … More

    Obamacare’s Accountable Care Organizations Leave Much to Be Desired

    As the debate heats up over how best to control runaway Medicare spending, one provision of Obamacare has received growing attention.  The new law creates accountable care organizations (ACOs) primarily to address fragmentation and rising costs in the health care system, but supporters tout ACOs as a key solution to … More

    Medicare's Worsening Finances: The Other Shoe Drops

    A week ago, the Medicare Trustees issued their annual report, which showed that the program is on the fact track to insolvency. The 2011 analysis projected that the Hospital Insurance Trust Fund (which funds Medicare Part A) will be insolvent in 2024, and the program’s long-term unfunded obligations—promised benefits that … More