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  • Democrats Weigh in On Reconciliation

    President Obama and congressional leadership are nearing the end of the road on health care reform. The only option left to pass their grandiose visions of a government overhaul of the nation’s health care system into law is to pass the Senate-passed bill in the House.  However, House Democrats will only … More

    The Truth about Rising Health Insurance Premiums

    Congress and its allies on the left are hell bent to overhaul the health care of every American. They have focused strongly on increasing regulation of insurance companies. They get the most of the blame for increasing premiums and skyrocketing health spending.  Though certain targeted and technical reforms of the … More

    Buffett to Obama: Scrap Current Bill and Start Over

    Last week’s bipartisan summit on health care reform seems to have done little, if anything, to build support for the President’s vision of health care reform.  Strong opposition to the Democrats’ proposals remains the position of a majority of Americans.  And now, even the President’s biggest fans are following suit. … More

    The President Health Proposal: Taxing Investment Income

    In preparation for today’s bipartisan Health Care Summit, President Obama released his own version of health care reform earlier this week.  The President’s proposal includes several high-ticket provisions for expanding coverage.  Since he has promised time and again not to raise taxes on the middle-class in order to pay for … More

    The President's Health Proposal: Bringing Back Price Controls

    In preparation for the Health Care Summit, President Obama unveiled his first official health care proposal. It is intended to reconcile the differences between the  highly unpopular House and Senate bills. Curiously, President Obama’s latest iteration of the liberal health policy agenda includes more federal power: the power to control … More

    The President's Health Proposal: Further Jacking Up the Cost of Care

    In anticipation of the February 25th health care summit with members of Congress, the President released his proposal for pricey, government-run health care.  The White House estimates the cost of the proposal to be $950 billion over a decade, decreasing the federal deficit.  However, health policy expert James Capretta, a … More

    The Health Care Summit: Getting Reform Done Right

    Thursday, Democrats and Republicans will convene at the President’s request to discuss the way forward on achieving bipartisan health care reform.  In a recent paper, Heritage’s Nina Owcharenko discusses how congressional Democrats and the President can use this meeting to start over on health care reform by enlisting Republicans to … More

    Obamacare Bends the Cost Curve Up: Here Is How to Bend It Down

    President Obama often says that bending the curve in health spending downward is one of the main objectives of his health care reform agenda. There is indeed a consensus that health costs are growing at a rapid rate, and that reformers should work to slow the rising tide of spending. … More

    A Toothless Commission On Spending Is No Substitute for True Leadership

    The recent debt limit increase passed by Congress has sparked a national debate on how to adequately reverse out-of-control federal spending. After much congressional hand-wringing recently over what budget process reform to attach to the must-pass increase in the debt ceiling, support for a bipartisan commission crafted by Senate Budget … More

    The New Party of “No”

    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) recently introduced the “Roadmap for America’s Future”, a plan to reduce federal spending, pay off the national debt, and ensure future American prosperity.  The Roadmap would create long-term fiscal solvency in the three federal entitlement programs—Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security—which otherwise promise to drive the nation … More