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  • Ryan Anderson to Kirsten Powers: Jim Crow? Government Shouldn’t Intimidate Christians

    Liberal-leaning commentator Kirsten Powers strays from a common understanding of faith in asserting that Christians who support protections for religious views on marriage “are essentially arguing for homosexual Jim Crow laws,” Heritage Foundation scholar Ryan T. Anderson writes in a National Review Online column. Powers makes the comparison in her … More

    Americans Can Unite Around 'Core Ideas,' DeMint Says on 'Face the Nation'

    Although Democrats in Congress willingly gave President Obama “a blank check” to borrow more money last week and most Republicans didn’t, Americans are tired of such partisan fights in Washington and ready to rally around “core ideas,” Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint said this morning on “Face the Nation.” “America … More

    California Gun Case Sets Stage for Second Amendment Showdown at Supreme Court

    The overturning of a San Diego law restricting residents’ right to carry a firearm outside their homes for self-defense is a clear win for gun-rights advocates and sets up a showdown on the issue before the U.S. Supreme Court, a Heritage Foundation legal analyst says. “This is the fifth federal … More

    On Senate Floor, Toomey Urges Defeat for Cop Killer's Champion (VIDEO)

    Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) took to the Senate floor Wednesday to denounce one of President Obama’s most controversial appointments, saying Debo Adegbile’s ill-considered championing of a convicted cop killer disqualifies him from leading the Justice Department’s civil rights operation. “There are many highly qualified Americans who can carry out this … More

    5 More Tough Questions on Immigration Reform for Heritage's Derrick Morgan (VIDEO)

    The national census should be used to determine that America’s borders are secure before policymakers decide how to address those who are here illegally, a top Heritage Foundation policy expert suggests in an on-camera interview with The Foundry about key aspects of immigration reform. “We want to see people come … More

    Labrador: Americans Shouldn't Lose Tax Benefits Over Religious Views on Marriage

    Representative Raul Labrador (R-ID) today said a growing “climate of intolerance and intimidation” convinced him to introduce a bill to protect Americans from losing a tax benefit or otherwise being penalized by the federal government because of their religious views on marriage. The Marriage and Religious Freedom Act is narrowly … More

    Tim Scott, Juan Williams Agree on School Choice at Policy Summit

    Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) and Fox News contributor Juan Williams today enjoyed a rare moment of agreement — over the importance of parental choice in education. Scott spoke of an opportunity to have “a robust debate with parents and teachers across the country,” while Williams called it a “need to … More

    Hensarling at Policy Summit: Window Closing on Housing Finance Reform

    Congress ought to reform the nation’s housing finance system before a favorable opportunity closes in the next few months, Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) said today in a discussion of  approaches, including his own PATH Act. The time is ripe to change “this unsustainable, unconscionable, and unfair system” by ushering in … More

    Jordan at Policy Summit: Let’s Encourage Work

    Legislation to hold increases in total welfare spending to inflation and to require able-bodied adults on food stamps to get a job or seek one will refocus attention on the dignity of work, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) said today. When government policies “disincentivize work,” Jordan said, “we are robbing people … More

    DeMint Calls for an ‘Agenda to Unite America’

    Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint this morning called on leaders of both parties in the House and Senate to drop their “ham-fisted” tendency to club each other with huge bills such as Obamacare and take a fresh look at how concrete conservative solutions can improve the lives of all Americans. … More