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  • Nice Idea, Where'd You Think of It?

    Canadian Unions help prove economic ignorance  and protectionism are something America doesn’t hold the copyright on. Two of Canada’s largest unions are urging the federal government to adopt a Buy Canadian policy similar to the proposal that has been criticized in the United States. At a joint press conference on … More

    They're Not Dead Yet

    It’s hard to get a feel on where the job-killing, protectionist ”Buy American” provisions now stand after President Obama’s series of media interviews yesterday where he believed the measured needed to be removed because of the potential of ‘going to trigger a trade war.’ This morning, the Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder reported such a stance … More

    The Irony Isn't Lost Here

    With the protectionist stances coming from the Obama Administration via the Trillion Dollar Debt Plan’s “Buy American” provisions; you might forget the United States still has a series of pending trade agreements with Columbia and South Korea which need Congressional approval. Just yesterday, President Obama agreed with South Korea’s Lee Myung-bak to do all he could to get both nations’ … More

    Is a Trade War on the Horizon?

    Jay Van Andel Senior Trade Policy Analyst at Heritage Daniella Markheim comments on why the recently discovered “Buy American” provisions in the ‘stimulus’ bill will only hurt the American economy in the long run. Advocates of Buy American rules claim that limiting competition for U.S. government contracts to domestic firms will protect U.S. jobs and … More

    Wisconsin's New 'Pork Czar'

    As states begin to line up for their portion of the Pelosi-Reid-Obama debt plan, many of them aren’t even waiting for the legislation to be passed to prepare the ways they can spend your tax dollars.  In Wisconsin, Gov. James E. Doyle went as far as creating an “Office of Recovery … More