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  • Nuclear Yes, Subsidies NO!

    The Heritage Foundation’s stance against expanding subsidies for nuclear energy has once again been manipulated by the anti-nuclear crowd to infer that we are anti-nuclear. This time, Harvey Wasserman on The Huffington Post wrote that Heritage, along with some other groups, believe that nuclear energy is “too expensive to matter.” … More

    President’s Commission on Nuclear Waste Has Historic Opportunity

    The Department of Energy finally announced the formation of its blue-ribbon commission on nuclear waste. The commission, co-chaired by former Indiana Congressman Lee Hamilton and former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft has been charged with reviewing the nation’s nuclear waste policies and providing recommendations for moving forward. If carried out … More

    The Problem with Increasing Energy Loan Guarantees

    There has been a lot of talk in recent months on expanding the loan guarantee for energy projects broadly and nuclear projects specifically. The problem with the LG program is not the cost, per se. It is clearly set up so that the recipient has to pay for the administration … More

    When All Else Fails, There’s Always Nuclear Energy

    Flash back to the mid 1990s. You’re the coach of the Chicago Bulls and your team is down by one with seven seconds to go. It’s crunch time. Who do you get the ball to, Michael Jordan or bring in the 12th guy off the bench. This isn’t a trick … More

    Time Wasting on Nuclear Power

    The Heritage Foundation on Tuesday released the above chart headlined U.S. a Nonstarter in Nuclear Power. The point of the chart was to show those who continue to question the value of nuclear power that other countries are making concrete decisions and moving forward in earnest. Unfortunately, some felt the chart … More

    Water Vapor, Nukes and the EPA

    Something strange is afoot at the Environmental Protection Agency. It is no secret that EPA bureaucrats have been chomping at the bit to start regulating carbon dioxide ever since courts ruled that the naturally occurring plant food which is exhaled by every human being (even Al Gore) is a pollutant. … More