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  • Why Albania Matters

    It has been over two decades since Albania escaped the iron grip of communism, yet it is still struggling to sustain democracy. Since 2009, the same year it joined NATO, its elections have been marred by violence, with the Socialist Party using intimidation and mob rule to try to gain … More

    Crazy in Copenhagen

    Would you sign a contract for how much you’ll be paid 40 years from now? Unless you were independently wealthy and could care less, of course not—because you have no idea how to gauge the purchasing power of that income in some future society. You have no way to guess … More

    Missile Defense Is No Clunker

    For a President who is supposed to be in tune with America, one has to wonder what Barack Obama is  thinking! The latest polls show most Americans DO NOT WANT more cash for clunkers (only 33% want additional funding), which would benefit only a few people, most of them car dealers. … More