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  • Cloakroom: Hurry Up and Wait

    House Cloakroom: December 3 – December 7 Analysis: The House has returned from its Thanksgiving vacation, when Members undoubtedly ate well and enjoyed numerous football games, to do… more of the same. They spent the most of the past week naming post offices until they finally got around to an … More

    Cloakroom: November 12 – November 16

    House Analysis: The House returns from the pre-election recess on Tuesday to confront the looming issues of the fiscal cliff. Negotiations will begin with President Obama and the congressional leadership on how best to resolve the issue of the automatic tax hikes and deep defense cuts. As a result, the … More

    Cloakroom: And Just Like That, They're Gone Again

    House Cloakroom: September 17 – September 21 Analysis: The House will be in session this week for the final week prior to the November elections and will take up immigration, welfare, and energy legislation. There will be a vote on a resolution under the Congressional Review Act regarding a rule … More

    Cloakroom: They're Back!

    House Cloakroom: September 10 – September 14 Analysis: Both Houses of Congress return this week to tackle welfare policy, farm policies, and appropriations for the government. On September 30, the 2012 fiscal year will end, and the government will run out of funding without Congress acting. Because they did not … More

    Cloakroom: Taxmageddon Edition

    House Cloakroom: July 30 – August 3 Analysis: This week, the House will take up its bill to avoid Taxmageddon. HR 8 would extend the Bush-era rates for a year and provide for a fast track process to consider tax reform next year. The fiscal cliff represents a real threat … More

    Cloakroom: The House and Senate This Week

    House Cloakroom: July 23 – July 27 Analysis: This week, the House is going to focus on untangling some of the massive amounts of red tape that exist in the federal bureaucracy. The Red Tape Reduction Act is an amalgamation of bills that includes a regulatory freeze during the current … More

    Cloakroom: July 16 – July 20

    House Cloakroom Analysis: This week the House will turn its attention to defense funding. The major bill on the floor this week will be the Defense appropriations bill, which provides the funding for the nation’s military. Additionally, the House will take up a bill to establish strict transparency requirements for … More

    Cloakroom: Full Repeal Edition

    House Cloakroom: July 9 – July 13 Analysis: This week the House will take up full repeal of Obamacare. The Supreme Court allowed the law to stand, placing the responsibility on Congress to repeal this massive government takeover of the health care system. The full repeal vote will take place … More

    House and Senate Cloakroom: June 4 – June 8, 2012

    House Cloakroom: June 4 – June 8, 2012 Analysis: This week the House will continue consideration of the Energy and Water Appropriations bill that was brought to the floor last week.  There are expected to be several amendments to decrease the spending in this bill and end loan guarantee programs … More

    House and Senate Cloakroom: The Information Revolution Edition

    House Cloakroom: April 23 – April 27, 2012 Analysis: This week the House will take up a proposal to increase internet security.  The bill is based on the idea that the private sector knows best how to defend its networks. As a result, it creates a clear legal avenue for … More