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  • Rigging the System with New Regulation

    As a follow-up to earlier posts on the so-called consumer protections included in the bills backed by Congressional leadership, a state level survey by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) offers additional analysis of the effects of regulation on health insurance premiums. The AHIP report shows that the states with the … More

    Imposing Costly Regulation Is Not Real Reform

    President Obama and Democrats in Congress want to impose two costly health insurance regulations nationwide. The first is community rating, which prohibits insurers from varying premiums based on an individual’s health status. The second is guaranteed issue, which forces insurers to sell policies to everyone at anytime, even individuals who … More

    Who Will Make Your Health Care Decisions?

    This morning, The Lewin Group, a non-partisan health care econometrics firm, released its long-awaited report on the presidential candidates’ health plans. Lewin is “the gold standard of independent health-care analysis.” Its report revealed profound differences in the candidates’ directions for health reform. Barack Obama clearly favors an expansion of government … More