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  • On the Budget: Ryan 40, Obama Zip, Senate Dems—No Show

    In just about any contest, a score of 40–0 is a pretty impressive trouncing. In football, that’s five touchdowns, a field goal, and a safety—think Ohio State versus Northern Virginia Community College. In baseball it’s almost beyond belief. Ditto basketball. Yet that was the score yesterday in the United States … More

    Obama Belatedly Engages on Budget by Launching a Political Screed

    An editorial headline in today’s Washington Post captured it well: “Late to the Game – Again.” President Obama gave what was billed today as a major speech on fiscal policy. The speech, more a partisan campaign blast than an attempt at non-partisan leadership, comes two months after he released his … More

    Morning Bell: Commander-in-Chief Turns His Back on America’s Military

    The American military is engaged in multiple conflicts and humanitarian missions around the world, yet President Obama promised to veto legislation funding the troops for the remainder of 2011.  This is a reprehensible political stunt, and it comes at the expense of our servicemen and women and the families they … More

    A Senate where Shame, Spending, and Inertia Rule

    The federal government ran a budget deficit last month of $223 billion, according to recent analysis by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). With deficits consistently running to levels almost beyond human comprehension, it would be easy to miss the fact that this was the largest single-month deficit on record. So, … More

    Cutting Spending Means More, Not Fewer Jobs

    The debate in the House of Representatives over spending cuts has left many observers utterly unraveled. Exhibit A: the President’s veto threat. The core of the threat is that if he is presented a bill that cuts spending in ways or amounts he doesn’t like “while continuing to burden future … More

    If Debt Hits the Ceiling, Make Interest Top Priority

    As the Treasury Department reminded us on Wednesday, the federal government will likely reach the debt limit sometime between April 5 and May 31. Hitting the debt ceiling provides a rare moment when Congress and the President are forced to take a stand on a most fundamental and difficult issue: … More

    The Euro Suffers an Identity Crisis

    Pity the poor euro. It’s a currency, but it’s asked to be so much more. More, indeed, than any currency can possibly be. The euro was born to glorious pomp and circumstance just 12 years ago, replacing a gaggle of currencies (including the mighty German D-Mark) with a single currency … More

    Obama’s November Jobs Deficit One More Reason to Extend Bush Tax Cuts

    “You are what your record says you are.” So says Bill Parcells, three-time Super Bowl–winning coach. Professional sports, athletes, coaches, and commentators can spin the numbers with the best of politicians, but in the end you are what your record says you are. The record on the first two years … More

    The Political Theater of the Expiring Bush Tax Cuts and the Street Mob

    The House of Representatives is set to open the next act in the grand political theater, a fiscal tragedy of epic proportions surrounding the prevention of a massive tax hike set to befall the American taxpayer in a few weeks. Why? The Bush tax cuts expire. The scene opens with … More

    Is Brussels the New Borscht Belt?

    Borscht Belt is a colloquial name for the Catskills Mountains in New York where famous comedians of the 1940s to 1960s would work their trade. Named after borscht, a beetroot soup popular in Central and Eastern Europe, the area was known for hotels and clubs that catered mainly to New … More