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  • Liveblogging Obama’s Detainee Speech: Charting Freedom

    It makes perfect sense to make a speech about battling terrorism standing in front of the charters of freedom-kudos to the president for the symbolism. Its government’s job to keep us safe and free- and do both equally well. Bush could and did often make the same speech.

    Liveblogging Obama's Detainee Speech: Pushed from Left and Right

    It is easy to take the middle road when you are being pushed so hard by the right and the left on combating terrorism. This is a speech the president has to make because no one is happy with his policies. The president just dodged a bullet at Notre Dame, … More

    National Security Photo-Op Flip-Flop

    It would all make for a great half-hour sitcom. First, they released classified memos on interrogation practices used to grill terrorists. Then, the White House promised the ACLU that they were going to release photos showing detainees being interrogated. Then, White House officials said they were not going to release … More

    Reporting on Missile Test Fails

    The April 6, William Broad article “North Korean Missile Launch Was a Failure, Experts Say” in the New York Times diminishes the scope of the threat posed by the North Korean ballistic missile program by omitting some key facts. Analysis of the Taepodong-2 missile flight path does indicate that a … More

    Missing Pieces in Missile Defense

    Is the Obama administration taking North Korea’s threat to launch a long-range missile seriously enough? With North Korea poised to launch as early as this weekend, you would think we would have deployed our SBX radar. You’d be wrong. The ship-borne Sea-Based X Band Radar (SBX) is one of the … More

    Heritage Fellow At The Border: Fighting Back

    I finish my trip to the border with the Pima County Sherriff Department by asking the tough questions. Are you making a difference? “We are just putting a dent in the cartels,” one deputy tells me. “These guys will send a 10,000 pound load of marijuana across the border as … More

    Heritage Fellow At The Border: Driving the Border

    Landing just north of the border we meet up with a ground unit to drive some of the busiest smuggling routes. I ride with a deputy in one car and another deputy trails us in a second vehicle. “It is always smarter never to travel alone,” I’m told. While there … More

    Heritage Fellow At The Border: Heading South

    Lieutenant Palmer, the head of the Pima County Border Crime Unit, arranges for me to fly with his helicopter team down to the border. It is an instructive flight. Most of the U.S.-Mexican border in the county is part of a Native American reservation, so in practice the unit only … More

    Heritage Fellow At The Border: With the Border Crime Unit

    My first encounter with the Pima County Border Crime Unit was meeting with Lieutenant Jeffrey Palmer who heads up the two squads that work across the county exclusively on crimes related to border smuggling. “We are learning as we go along,” Palmer told me. It is hard to do things … More

    Heritage Fellow At The Border: On Guard

    With a couple of hundred deputies, the Pima County Sheriffs office has to police most of the county and safeguard almost half of its population (about a half-a-million people). Ask them what the biggest help has been in dealing with border crime, and Bureau Chief George Heaney, a long-time veteran … More