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  • Immigration: In Case You Are Wondering, Nobody Asked

    According to press reports, last week about 130 “reform” advocates and leaders were asked to come over to the White House and pow-pow on the way forward on immigration reform. “Today’s meeting on comprehensive immigration reform was an important opportunity to hear from stakeholders…” [Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano] said. “I … More

    Obama Promises Immigration Alamo

    The New York Times reported August 10th: “President Obama on Monday reiterated his commitment to pursuing comprehensive immigration reform, despite his packed political agenda….” He must be serious; Obama has made that pledge to reporters twice in four days. On both occasions, the President also said he plans to start … More

    Live Blog: Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK)

    Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK), member of Armed Services Committee, is about to speak at here at Heritage about missile defense. Why? Because the missiles don’t know the difference between liberals and conservatives. No Alaskan has served on armed services since 1968. That’s surprising, because Alaska is critical on many national … More

    Live Blog: Newt at Heritage

    Former Speaker Newt Gingrich is speaking live at Heritage Foundation right now. Newt’s address caps Heritage Foundation’s Protect America Month that started with a speech by Mitt Romney on June 1. Newt’s speech comes while the Senate is debating President Barack Obama’s defense authorization bill that looks to cut missile … More

    Ping Pong Politics Over CIA

    Playing politics with national security is always a bad idea. It’s been hard to tell that watching the back-and-forth in Washington over the role of the CIA in the War on Terror. The administration and partisan forces in Congress have been whipsawing back and forth between trying to kowtow the … More

    Morning Bell: Providing for the Common Defense Uncommon in White House

    Though the President made a big deal about Father’s Day, on national security issues the White House continues to look like an absent father. What can we expect from the White House on Independence Day? On issue after issue, Obama appears ambivalent or just flat wrong. Last week, President Obama … More

    Liveblogging Obama’s Detainee Speech: Continuity You Can Believe In

    There is far more continuity than change in the detention policies between the administrations-by not admitting that the president risks compromising his credibility.

    Liveblogging Obama’s Detainee Speech: Obama Can't Stop Campaigning

    When will the president realize he can’t govern by continuing to run a campaign against the last president? Obama faces the challenges as Bush. In the end, he is adopting many of the same policies….why can’t just admit that. Moving prisoners from GITMO, for example, just changes geography it is … More

    Liveblogging Obama’s Detainee Speech: I Didn't Do It

    Now we have gotten to the Bart Simpson part of the speech “I didn’t do it.” Obama simply condemns the previous administration policies….but if the way forward is so easy why did the Senate just reject his plan to close GITMO? Why did Congressional leaders from both political parties approve … More

    Liveblogging Obama’s Detainee Speech: What is Obama Reading?

    The president’s speech hits again and again on the dual obligation of keeping the nation free and safe-sounds like he read our book-Winning the Long War.