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  • Conservative Policy Summit Brings Together 9 Reformers to Talk Big Ideas

    The 2014 Conservative Policy Summit, hosted by Heritage Action for America, brought together nine conservative reformers from the House and Senate to discuss some of America’s most pressing issues. Protecting privacy, transforming the welfare state, and energy policy were just a few of the issues on the agenda, and these … More

    Heritage in Focus: Wrapping up School Choice Week (PODCAST)

    Heritage’s Lindsey Burke, the Will Skillman Fellow in Education, discusses the benefits of school choice and the events of the third annual School Choice Week being celebrated across the country on this week’s Heritage in Focus. Learn how parental choice in education has benefited our children—and how this choice is … More

    PODCAST: Heritage's Lee Edwards on Jim DeMint

    Politicos both in and outside the Beltway are still processing the news that Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina is taking over for Ed Feulner, current president and founding board member of The Heritage Foundation, this spring. Heritage Distinguished Fellow Dr. Lee Edwards, one of the conservative movement’s most celebrated … More