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  • Crimea Is a Dangerous Place to Stay If You Support Ukraine

    When hearing current news from Crimea I get a feeling of déjà vu. Activists being abducted and killed; people being afraid to go out on the streets—these scenes remind me of the violence in Kiev just a month ago. During the last days of the former president Yanukovych’s rule, the … More

    How a Ukrainian Woman Views the Current Explosive Situation

    A year ago, you could take a weekend stroll through Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, admiring the city’s baroque architecture and watching teenagers skating near the fountains. Back then, Kyiv seemed nothing but a vibrant European city with art events and universities, and a hub for international business companies. But … More

    Ukraine: Despite Calm on the Surface, the Political Crisis Boils on Below

    Last Saturday morning, a Ukrainian television journalist, Oleh Kryshtopa, awoke to find that his car had been set on fire overnight. Witnesses reported seeing three men who they think were the arsonists. Kryshtopa says the terrifying act of vandalism is a warning—and payback—because he has been actively reporting on the … More

    Protesters in Ukraine Are Demanding Economic Freedom

    The headlines coming out of Ukraine are tragic—and inspiring. Ukrainians are risking their lives and property for independence, a path to Europe, and freedom from political oppression. They are also demonstrating for economic freedom, courageously challenging a repressive government that has turned to Stalinist tactics to try to destroy them. … More