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  • D.C. Parents Say School Choice Gives Students a Chance at Success

    “Either he doesn’t get it, or he doesn’t care,” Sheila Jackson, parent of a D.C. Opportunity Scholarship recipient, said upon hearing the news that President Obama’s budget eliminates funding for the popular program. Jackson sounded torn about which was worse. “I was appalled,” she told Scribe. The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship … More

    School Choice: One Student's Chance for a Better Life

    Joseph Kelley knew something was wrong when his son Rashawn flunked first grade. “I knew he knew his alphabet forward and backward, he knew how to count to 100 forward and backward,” Kelley said. He had taught Rashawn these things himself. Rashawn’s teachers were surprised to find out that he … More

    Podcast: Happy Independence Day!

    “The principles of our republic must be protected vigilantly at home and defended fearlessly abroad,” Heritage President Edwin J. Feulner states in a special message for Independence Day in this week’s Heritage in Focus podcast. “Read the Declaration of Independence,” Heritage scholar David Azerrad urges. “It’s the philosophical soul of … More

    Campaign Finance Freedom Is Freedom for All

    This week the U.S. Supreme Court rounded out its session by striking down an Arizona law that provided publicly funded candidates with funds matching those of their privately funded opponents. Heritage expert Hans von Spakovsky explains in more detail here. Campaign finance reform nerds of the conservative persuasion cheered, but … More

    Die Hard, Spend Harder

    If a Hollywood villain wanted the thrill of hundreds of millions of dollars at his fingertips, he wouldn’t have to stage a high-stakes heist. He’d just have to become a bureaucrat. In the 1988 movie Die Hard, villain Hans Gruber and his crack team of code-breaking and martial arts experts … More

    Podcast: Author Ron Miller on Racial Politics

    At a recent Heritage event, author Ron Miller said it’s time for black conservatives to admit they’re conservative, even to themselves. In his new book, Sellout, Ron Miller describes the ways in which conservative policies actually best embody the goals and values that many black families hold privately. In a … More

    Conservative Feminism is Not an Oxymoron

    Hillary Clinton will be feted this Friday at a “world summit” event hosted by Tina Brown, the editor in chief of  Newsweek. This week Brown relaunched the magazine with a cover story featuring Hillary as one of the “150 Women Who Shake the World.” Clinton and other public figures such … More

    The Colorblind Constitution: Frederick Douglass on Race and America’s Founding

    In a move one blogger called “Huck Finning the Constitution,” the 112th Congress left out the infamous “three-fifths compromise” in their much-publicized reading of the Constitution on the House floor. The “three-fifths compromise” is a clause in Article I, Section 2, which states the number of Congressional representatives from a … More

    VIDEO: Senator Kerry to Incoming Senators: "You don't count."

    Today on the Senate floor, John Kerry (D-MA) informed 15,304,498 voters from 16 states that their democratic voice is better left unheard. Kerry’s remarks came during a speech in which he urged the ratification of the ill-conceived New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) with Russia. Kerry and other Senate liberals … More

    An Unconditional Ultimatum

    Wall Street Journal opinion columnist James Taranto has thrown down the gauntlet on tax reform. This week he challenged a pro-tax-hike liberal to put his money where his mouth is. Francis Dummer Fisher wrote a letter to the New York Times last week saying that rather than indulge in consumerism, … More