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  • Simplify Small Business Taxes Before You Subsidize Small Business Loans

    Obama promised that the stimulus would “create or save” 3.5 million jobs, and significantly tempter the rising unemployment rate. Now that it is clear that his plan has failed to save or create jobs, and unemployment is still rising, Democrats are reaching out to small business. “Small business is the … More

    The ABCs of the Health Care Debate Bias

    ABC and NBC have so far refused to run a 33 second advertisement by the League of American Voters that questions the Obama health care plan. ABC has argued that the ad is partisan – yet ABC did not think that giving a megaphone to the Obama administration to make … More

    How Success of Private Fire Departments Undermines Obamacare

    As the debate over the “public option” for health care heats up, a new attempt to ridicule those with concerns over government provision of services has taken hold: the group’s sarcastic Facebook tagline is “1 Million Strong Against our SOCIALIST Fire Departments,” and the argument is that public health care … More

    Words of Warning from 1940

    Herbert Hoover was no laissez-faire president like Calvin Coolidge, however he did respect the constitution, and he never was willing to go as far as Franklin Roosevelt. He made a speech just before Roosevelt’s election to a third term, in which he made some salient points—ones we would still be … More

    Hayek’s Birthday

    Today is Friedrich Hayek’s birthday and it is an important year to celebrate his birth. Although the twentieth century was the century of Hayek, this year seems also to be the year of Hayek. As a country, we are belatedly remembering his warnings, and seeing the consequences of ignoring them … More

    Fool Me Once

    It seems that we keep being told that the policy is temporary, and is far short of nationalization, only for Congress to turn around after the legislation has passed and “convert” loans into stock: to turn a bailout into a nationalization. This has now happened with AIG, the car companies, … More

    Back to the Basics

    In the New York Times today, David Brooks has a column in which he describes two theories about the financial crisis: “greed” and “stupidity.” The “greed” theory is not what you might be thinking—it is not the simplistic notion that Wall Street is just full of greedy capitalists that swindle … More

    Europeanization We Can Believe In

    The financial crisis has exposed a trend that has been in the works for some time. Since the fall of communism, some of the more socialist countries have learned lessons from the Soviet collapse: free markets work, and government planning does not. Meanwhile, the capitalist countries have slept through these … More

    Avoiding a "Savior-Based" Economy

    South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford made some very important, insightful points on Sunday. He said them very concisely, as politicians know how to do. They are just what we’ve been saying here for so many weeks and months, and are important points that every American must remember: “A problem that … More

    The Ghost of New Deal Pork

    The “cash for clunkers” plan recently proposed in Congress would provide a subsidy for a new car purchase to anyone willing to have their current car destroyed. But the economic rationale is eerily similar to the New Deal program most widely agreed to be a catastrophic failure: FDR’s agriculture plan … More