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  • Obama and the Red Crayon

    Lines don’t mean anything to President Obama. Domestically, he has no trouble stepping outside the lines of the law—even laws he championed—to suit his agenda. When it comes to foreign policy, he has a red crayon he likes to pull out from time to time—but it’s the washable kind. No … More

    Let Junk Food Be Advertised at Schools

    Today, First Lady Michelle Obama announced it was time to ban advertising of what she deems unhealthy snacks in public schools. School children already can’t buy such foods in their schools, thanks to a government ban, but apparently she doesn’t even want kids to think about buying them. Increasingly, if … More

    How the Chamber of Commerce Boosts Big Business, Not All Americans

    Responding to President Obama’s most recent State of the Union address, Tom Donohue, the president of the Chamber of Commerce stated, “We can’t afford to double down on the failed policies of tax, spend, regulate, and mandate.” Really? Increasingly, the Chamber and the Business Roundtable are proving to be friends … More

    Not All Politicians Are Frank Underwoods

    Don’t believe House of Cards: Not everyone in D.C. is like Frank Underwood. At midnight last night, Netflix released all 13 episodes of season two of the much talked about show. House of Cards, a remake of a British political miniseries set in the after-Thatcher era 1990s, stars Kevin Spacey … More

    Time for Obama to Go on an Apology Tour

    President Obama should use his State of the Union speech tonight to launch a much-needed “apology tour” to the American people. As shown by the fact that viewership of SOTU speeches has declined over the last three presidencies, Americans know that no president is going to use the speech as … More

    No, Lilly, Obama Shouldn’t Sign An Executive Order for Equal Pay

    No sooner had my column posted last week stating that Democrats were plotting to play the gender card this election year by bringing up the so-called “paycheck fairness”  issue than out comes an opinion piece in The Washington Post on Sunday by one of the most prominent poster children for … More

    Gender Equality Isn’t a Myth. But the Wage Gap Is.

    “I think I should be paid more.” I made that statement when I was 26 years old to the male president of one of the most politically conservative groups in Washington. I’m far from the only woman who has realized she deserves a higher salary.  “Paycheck fairness” is a key … More

    Want Spending Reduced? Support Cutting Your Favorite Government Program

    It’s time for citizens to hold elected officials accountable about spending – even if that means their favorite government-funded program gets axed. There’s no hint that Washington is starting to take our outrageous spending levels seriously. On the contrary, on Capitol Hill this week, lawmakers are preparing to vote in … More