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  • What CBO Says About the Kennedy-Dodd Health Bill

    In February 1994, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said that the Clinton health plan would add $74 billion to the deficit over the following six years. And that spelled the beginning of the end of the Clinton plan to have the federal government supervise the financing and delivery of health … More

    Health Care Tax Policy: A Rare Opportunity for Bipartisan Cooperation

    Today The Washington Post reported that President Obama’s budget proposal to “tax the rich” to pay for health care, including reduced deductions for charitable donations, is “facing deep skepticism on Capitol Hill”. According to the Post, as an alternative, top lawmakers are pondering a change to the federal tax treatment … More

    Not Even Higher Payments Can Help Medicaid

    It’s widely known that while there is some variation, in most states Medicaid reimburses physicians at significantly lower rates than private insurers. As we’ve previously highlighted, research indicates that these low rates of payment affect physicians’ decisions to treat Medicaid patients. While low reimbursement is a serious problem in Medicaid … More

    Bailing Out Massachusetts?

    Is the Bush Administration supporting yet another bailout? After seven delays and months of negotiations between Massachusetts and federal officials over the renewal of the state’s Medicaid demonstration waiver which supports its landmark health reform, State House News Service has just reported that a deal has been struck. While the … More

    Feds Should Stay Firm on Massachusetts' Medicaid Waiver

    While the Massachusetts health reform has generated a significant amount of attention, few have focused on the critical Medicaid demonstration “waiver,” which enabled the reform and was set to expire on June 30. Absent an agreement on the terms and conditions of the waiver’s renewal, last Friday the feds granted … More

    Why America Is Evolving Toward Government-Run Health Care

    Today the U.S. Census Bureau released its annual estimate of the uninsured. For some, it came as a surprise that both the rate and number of people without health insurance actually declined, from 47 million, or 15.8% in 2006, to 45.7 million, or 15.3% in 2007. For those of us … More

    Don't Forget Those Special Payments in Massachusetts

    On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal published an editorial on the Massachusetts health reform that, among other things, highlighted the roughly 150 million dollar cost overrun. Unfortunately, the Journal joined other media outlets in missing the real story. What was left out of the editorial, and other media coverage thus … More

    Another Federal Bailout?

    First Bear Stearns, then Fannie and Freddie … and now the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? Last week Massachusetts received another short-term extension of its Medicaid waiver—which in part funds the state’s health care reform — until next Monday (July 28th) because the terms and conditions of its renewal are still pending. … More

    Why Massachusetts Is Important to Health Care Reform

    Officials in Boston and Washington are currently negotiating the renewal of Massachusetts’ Medicaid waiver, which funds a large portion of the state’s landmark health reform law. After a short-term extension was granted two weeks ago, talks are scheduled to end on Monday. In a recent memo, Ed Haislmaier and I … More

    The Right Call to Action on Health Care Reform

    Sen. John McCain issued a call to action on health care reform today. Despite what some political pundits and liberal critics in the media claim, McCain has it exactly right with his policy proposal. The McCain plan would expand personal, portable private health insurance, not through government mandates or regulations … More