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  • Christmas with the Presidents

    Christmas in the nation’s capital has evolved through the years. President George Washington held a Christmas party for Congress, starting with an early morning fox hunt. First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln raised money to provide Christmas dinners for wounded Civil War soldiers. Benjamin Harrison set up the first Christmas tree … More

    Beating Up Lieberman Is Cover-Up for Lefts Problems

    The Left is lost without a villain. You can’t have victims without one. To maintain its cult of victimology, the Left must identify (or create) bad guys. Hence, according to the narrative from the Left: Our economy struggles because fat cat bankers are selfish and George W. Bush left Barack … More

    Unconstitutional Mandate Attacked from the Left

    The Left is starting to recognize some of the perils of health care legislation that would create a whole new way for government to control its citizens. Democracy for America (run by Howard Dean’s brother) is now warning its left-wing allies, “The bill doesn’t actually “cover” 30-million more Americans – … More

    Putting Party and Vanity Above Country

    Like a desperate last-minute Christmas shopper who will grab any gift and pay any price, Congress may rush through a hasty and ill-conceived rewrite of health care legislation. President Obama’s message to Senators seems focused more on party loyal and an appeal to desires for glory than on what Americans … More

    Congress Stuffs Its Own Stocking

    America’s biggest spenders have chosen a wonderful Christmas gift for themselves: More of our money. Last week, deficit spending reached a new extreme. This week, Congress gave our federal government an 8% pay (spending) raise. Next week, they plan to borrow almost $2-trillion more to keep their spending spree alive. … More

    New Senate Bill Is Reason to Re-Set the Clock

    Washington is making the rest of America dizzy. The latest “breakthrough” agreement on health care will be the 8th major version this year (each exceeding 1,000 pages)—far more than most Americans can keep up with. The public deserves ample time to review and scrutinize each version before Congress votes. So … More

    Taxes Are More Certain Than Death?

    Timing is everything in life. And in death. America’s level of death taxes is a bouncing ball—a political football because Congress is fumbling around with legislation that makes a dramatic difference measured in jobs as well as in dollars. As the law is now, anyone who dies during 2010 will … More

    The Dirty Job That Congress Won’t Do on Its Own

    Congress needs someone like Mike Rowe to do the dirty job that politicians won’t touch. Our $1.4-trillion (and rising!) annual deficit and $12-trillion accumulated debt are not caused by the economy. They’re caused by runaway spending. Unable or unwilling to specify and enforce spending cuts on their own, some in … More

    Why Believe New Promise When Congress Breaks Old Promise?

    Congress wants America to believe its new promises to control spending even as it reneges on its old promises and spends more than ever. The “new” promise within health care reform bills is to reduce Medicare spending by hundreds of billions of dollars. Yet simultaneously, Congress is reversing 1997 legislation … More

    The Real Status Quo on Abortion and Federal Insurance

    Trying to pretend that he’s a moderate voice, President Barack Obama is misrepresenting the history of federal funding of abortions. Seeking to appease abortion advocates after the House voted to ban abortion coverage within new federal insurance plans, President Obama told ABC News, “We’re not looking to change what is … More