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  • This Photo Is Going Viral: How to Create Images That Stick

    Watch live streaming video from heritagefoundation at livestream.com

    Watch live streaming video from heritagefoundation at livestream.com   Getting your content noticed could be dependent on the picture you pick to share on Facebook or Twitter. Snackable images and infographics are crucial to successful messaging and growing your social media audience. We’ll tackle the topic at tomorrow’s Bloggers Briefing at … More

    South by Southwest: Cybersecurity Speaker Needs Your Votes

    South by Southwest (SXSW) is the premier tech and social media event in the country. Each year, thousands of people descend on Austin, Texas, to convene for a two-week conference covering a variety of new technology and ideas in the tech space. And when it comes to technology, what could … More

    Who Do Members of Congress Follow on Twitter? Heritage, For One

    The Heritage Foundation ranks among one of the most-followed Twitter accounts by Members of Congress, according to a new report published in New York Magazine. With 97 percent of Congressmen and women active on Twitter, this demonstrates the importance of communicating @Heritage policy research online. The @Heritage account boasts more … More

    #Instatruth: Instagram Videos on Obamacare from Real People

    Heritage has a new feature on our Instagram channel — #Instatruth! Using Instagram’s new video feature, we’ve recorded short videos of individuals expressing why they believe Obamacare should be defunded. These personal videos showcase how the law affects you — and add another layer to our previous #StopObamacare Instagram campaign. … More

    5 Cats Who Have Great Content: How to Package Your Stories for Success

    How do you tell an effective story in the age of animated GIFs, super-short videos and 140-character tweets? We’ve asked a few creative content producers to share their secrets at The Bloggers Briefing. Inspired by Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) winning campaign for the House Republican Digital Challenge this year, our … More

    #StopObamacare on Instagram With Us

    Get creative to help #StopObamacare! Heritage wants you to snap a candid shot holding a sign with the hashtag #StopObamacare and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag. Write your tag on anything you want: paper, cardboard, or even your face. Tell us why you think Obamacare needs to stop … More

    WATCH: Breadwinner Moms: Truth Behind the Trend

    Many American women today are Breadwinner Moms – those who provide the main source of incomes for their families. Women are the sole or primary support in forty percent of U.S. families with children under eighteen, according to a groundbreaking report from Pew Research Center. In fact, nearly one-fourth of … More

    WATCH: Google+ Hangout on What You Don't Know About Heritage

    Where did The Heritage Foundation come from? How did it grow from just a few local patriots to hundreds of thousands of members across the country? Why did President Ronald Reagan turn to Heritage for policy solutions? Join us for a special Google+ Hangout on Friday at noon ET to … More

    Tweet Out: Actor Tweeting Every Word of 906-Page Obamacare Law

    Would you ever read a 906-page law? You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would—but actor Jake McClain is, and he’s taking it to another level. On Friday, McClain began tweeting through every single word of the 906-page Obamacare law, which he opposes. McClain is using tweetpower to send … More

    The Heritage Foundation at CPAC 2013

    Today kicks off the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and the Heritage Foundation analysts and professionals will be featured in at least 12 panels throughout the weekend. Heritage President-elect Jim DeMint will be the featured speaker at tonight’s Presidential dinner, where the Courage Under Fire, William A. Rusher Journalism, … More